How to Pack a Diaper Bag for Toddlers

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May 27, 2011

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With a new baby all of us are very meticulous while packing the diaper bag but with a toddler you may relax and miss out some essential things. A diaper bag with everything that you need can make all the difference between a successful outing and a disaster with a young toddler. Most importantly even if your toddler is toilet trained, pack a diaper bag for trips away from home. Read on to know what all you should keep in a diaper bag and how to pack a diaper bag for toddlers.


How to Pack a Diaper Bag


Get a big diaper bag with many pockets so that you can store everything needed for your newborn care separately and well arranged. And when you are on a long outing, have all the emergency medications in your diaper bag.

It is always helpful to keep your diaper bag packed with the essential items that you will need so when you leave the house in a hurry (if you have to take baby to the doctor unexpectedly), you will be ready. Things which should always be in your diaper bag are:


  • A pack of diapers and enough disposable wipes.
  • Changing pad.
  • Plastic bags (useful to wrap and throw dirty diapers and keep dirty clothes).
  • 1–2 pairs of clothes for baby, and a blanket.
  • Feeding accessories such as breast feeding shawl, 2 clean bottles and powdered formula
  • Bibs, pacifier (if using), a toy.
  • Medications like paracetamol, and rash cream.


Wipes, Diapers and Nappy Pad: Pack more than enough diapers for your trip as you never know when it is going to be a bad day. In addition, carry enough wipes and a changing pad. You will need changing pads if you going out as you will definitely not want to lay your toddler on the baby changing table in a public washroom.
Change of Clothes and Underwear: Make sure you always have a pair of fresh clothes, underwear and clean socks. A toilet trained toddler can also have wet pants when they are travelling and away from their home. Toddlers can spill food and liquids on their clothes necessitating cloth and diaper change.

Toys, Books, and Snacks: Besides change of clothes and diapers, toddlers need snacks, drinks and toys when you are travelling (both for short and long trips). While travelling when they get bored or irritated favourite toys and books can help to distract them. In a restaurant or on an outing, engage your toddler in doing things like waiting for the food in the queue. Toddlers need something to eat and something to drink every few hours. Remember to pack water, snacks and drinks especially if you are on a long outing.

Besides the things that you need for the toddler keep things to clean up your messy toddler such as hand sanitizer, liquid soap and plastic bags in your diaper bag. Baby wipes are handy to clean sticky hands, and hand sanitizer is helpful to clean hands when there is no place to wash hands with soap and water. A plastic bag is useful for storing dirty diapers when there is no waste basket in vicinity and also for storing wet and dirty clothes.


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