Nappy Pads vs. Diapers

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May 27, 2011

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A newborn needs about 10–12 cloth nappy changes every day and an older infant needs about 6–8 nappy changes every day. For proper care of your newborn it is essential to change baby’s nappy frequently to prevent him from wetness, rashes and infections. Read on to know more on the different kinds of nappies available in market - cloth nappy, nappy pads and disposable diapers - and choose the one which you feel is the best.


Nappy Pads vs. Disposable Diapers



Many parents often wonder if a cloth nappy is better than a disposable diaper. The answer is yes. Cloth nappies are definitely better for your child compared to disposable diapers. In a cloth nappy, the child's bottom gets much more air making it more comfortable. The chance of diaper rash is reduced as well and besides all this cloth nappies are definitely more economical. But the cloth nappy needs to be changed often which is a problem in situation like when your baby is sleeping. So instead of disturbing your baby’s sleep or letting him remain soaked in urine you can place nappy pads (disposable or cloth) in the cotton nappy.


Disposable Nappy Pads



Disposable nappy pads are available in India under the Huggies and Pampers brand name. The disposable nappy pads work like women's sanitary pads. A nappy pad is placed in the child's nappy (cotton or plastic), and the nappy pad is changed every few hours.


Placing disposable nappy pads inside cloth diapers (nappies) makes them somewhat similar to disposable diapers. It prevents moisture from touching the baby's bottom and holds much more urine than a cloth nappy. However, even with cloth nappies lined with disposable nappy pads, the chance of diaper rash is increased if certain precautions are not taken (such as changing the baby's nappy pad frequently). Certain advantages of nappy pads are:


  • The mother does not need to wash a huge load of laundry.
  • It is more convenient as the nappy pads hold more urine.
  • You need not change the baby as often as cloth nappies.
  • The nappy pads are more economical compared to disposable diapers.


Cloth Nappy Pads


You can make cloth nappy pads from baby diapering items that you have at home (old cloth nappy, nappy squares. You can fold these and place them in the nappy). Cloth nappy pads are useful when your baby is sleeping. So instead of disturbing your baby’s sleep or letting him remain soaked in urine you can place a cloth nappy pad in the cotton nappy. The nappy pad helps to retain a lot more urine and if you place a nappy liner on this cloth nappy pad the baby does not feel wet as well.


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