How much grains you should take in a day?

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Sep 05, 2017
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  • Grains are an important component of our diet.
  • These are the sources of dietary fiber and few other essential nutrients. 
  • An adult needs  200gms of grain a day.

Grains are an important component of our diet. These are the sources of dietary fiber and few other essential nutrients.  But, there is a lot of confusion about how much grain ones should take in a day.  Adding to the confusion, now most of the grains are sold as whole grains. 


Here we explain everything, so you would be able to make most out of the super healthy grains.

Whole Grains:

Most of the grains available in the market are actually milled and highly processed. In the process, most of the essential nutrients are lost. So, whole grains are those which haven’t been subjected to this kind of processing. In other words, whole grains are those which haven’t been milled or subjected to minimal or no processing. Hence, the bran and germ are intact and carry all the nutrition it contains.

The other categories of grains include the Refined and Enriched.

Refined are those which have been milled and processed. Means lost most of the essential components of the grain. Whereas the Enriched are the subjected to milling and processing but fortified with additional nutrition, like vitamin B, Iron, and other micro nutrition. 

How much grain one should take

So, now let’s see ‘how much grain one should take.

The easy way to put it is “make half of your grains whole”.  For a healthy adult who needs around 2000 calories a day, it is best to take at least 200 grams of grain. Hence, half of it, say about a 100gms from whole grains. Those who are on less than 2000 calories diet or the other athletes and body builders who burn a lot more calories need more than that.

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