Struggling To Lose Weight? This Is Exactly How Many Calories To Cut Each Week

Start by cutting 200 calories per week as it puts little strain on one's body and mind. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Feb 15, 2023 12:35 IST
Struggling To Lose Weight? This Is Exactly How Many Calories To Cut Each Week

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The popular belief about weight loss is that if we just work out harder and eat a little bit better, the weight loss trend will disappear in a few years. However, the key to truly making a difference is food: the number of calories we consume is the most important factor. But when it comes to calorie restriction, we always go so low that we either have very low energy levels or our fat loss stops after a while. So, if you're struggling to lose weight or looking for quick ways to lose weight, here's everything you need to know about calorie restriction.

How Many Calories To Cut For Weight Loss? 

A calorie is a unit of energy. Calories are required by the human body for daily tasks and other internal bodily functions. The calories are important regardless of whether your goal is weight loss or weight gain. If the goal is to lose weight, a person must consume fewer calories than their maintenance calories. Maintenance calories are the foundation; going lower than maintenance aids in weight loss, while going higher than maintenance results in weight gain. Assume a person's body weight is 70 kg and their maintenance calories are 2100; anything more than that will result in weight gain.

Cutting calories for weight loss is dependent on many factors, such as how many calories a person is currently consuming. For example, if they are currently consuming 2500 calories, a calorie deficit of 200 is a good place to start. Cutting 200 calories from one's diet is simple, as it puts little strain on one's body and mind. However, if someone has previously lost weight and their body is accustomed to dieting, cutting 500 calories would be ideal. The only thing to remember is that these 500 calories should be the unwanted calories. Wondering what unwanted calories are those, here is the list. 

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Cut Out On Cooking Oil

You would undoubtedly be eating healthily all the time, but what if the meal you are eating contains a lot of cooking oil? The majority of the time, these calories go unnoticed because we believe that oil calories are insignificant. Assume you're eating a 300-calorie omelette; adding extra oil can increase the total calories to 500. On the other hand, oil is high in unwanted calories and fats that are bad for the human body. So either reduce the amount of oil you use or use a low-calorie oil spray.

Cut Out Dressings And Use Sugar-Free

Salads are one of the best ways to boost your weight loss and get all of the nutrients you need. What people do wrong is that they top it with high-calorie dressings like mayo, which reduces the nutrient value of the salad. The best approach is to use curd instead of dressing. Similarly, by removing sugar from your coffee, tea, and pancakes, you can quickly reduce your calorie intake.

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Pro Tip

Once you've eliminated these unnecessary calories from your diet, the next step is to monitor your meals and reduce their quantity for the first few weeks, after which you can cut a few carbs and add some protein to double the weight loss process.

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