How to know When You're in a Relationship

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Mar 25, 2013

How to know When You are in a Relationship

There is no direct signal that will tell you that you are now in a relationship. A few dates, a nice dinner or two or even some level of physical intimacy are mere indicators of the fact that you two like each other. The fact that you are in a relationship happens only after the two of you take some decisions mutually and more importantly personally regarding your relationship status.


Mutually decide not to see other people


When the two of you decide that you will not see other people for the time being and will concentrate only bonding with each other, you have definitively taken a step towards being in a relationship. The fact that you are willing to spend all your time with your partner might be a clear indicator of the fact that you might be in love!


Talk of the future


When two people have a mature about what the future of their relationship might be and if they decide that they see themselves together, then it is time they knew they are in a relationship. Talking about factors such as the future and stability will help you know when you’re in a relationship!


You see the signs!


Now this is not an absolute rule. But if you find that you are getting increasingly emotionally attached with your partner it may be because you are giving this casual dating a serious thought. You will know you’re in a relationship when you constantly think about the other person and experience all that people talk of when in love! The signs definitely help a relationship!


When you tell your friends


If you find yourself constantly talking about this special person in your life to your friends, it is a hint that you are in love. Moreover, if your partner and you want to meet each other’s friends and try to bond with them it might be because you consider yourself in a relationship.


Meet the parents


Well, if your partner talks of you meeting her/his folks in the near future, then she/he is definitely thinking about taking the relationship further. Meeting the parents is a crucial step in any relationship and you should be sure of your feelings before you take the plunge.


The other small indicators that help you know you’re in a relationship

  • You want to go to parties together.
  • You give into each other’s whims and fancies once in a while.
  • You know you’re in a relationship when you go out of your way to make the other person happy.


There are many small signs that will lead to believe that you might be in a relationship. However, the biggest sign is that your mind tells you that you are in love!


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