Does taking Break in a Relationship work?

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Jan 28, 2013

Does taking Break in a Relationship work

Almost every relationship has a phase where life seems to be moving nowhere and has become more stressful than cheerful. Depending upon the severity of the situation, couples may opt for taking a break in their relationship.

What does ‘taking a break’ mean?

Taking a break means that the both the individuals and for this they may separate for the time being. It does not mean that they no longer love each other. It only means that the problem areas will be sorted out later.

When to take a break?

Both the partners should identify and speak about their problem areas such as loss of identity, stressful requirements from the other partner, or problems such as abusive behaviour, or excessive drinking. The problems can also be external matters such as financial or work pressure which may be taking toll on the partners. Hence the relationship, per say, is not the problem area. After discussing, if the partners feel that things are not looking favourable, they may mutually decide to take a break as this decision ideally should be in consensus with the partner.

What after taking a break

1.       Rethinking

Generally, if both have spent considerable time in the relationship, they will think of coming back together. Solutions will be thought to gap differences; while the relationships of shorter duration often fall apart after taking a break. However, this is a rule.

2.       Reconnecting with oneself

Taking a break is not the ultimate solution to all the problems. It is the time taken to re-explore one’s self. It gives them the space to think independently. This freedom generally throws light on subtle aspects such as identifying real expectations from oneself, partner and the relationship. It provides the insight to look at things differently. All these help decide, whether to or not to go back into the relationship.

3.       Knowing what you want

All the relationships follow one rule; give and take. If only one of the partners is contributing to the relationship, it becomes less of happiness and more of a burden. Taking a break from the relationship helps to understand whether the relationship is one sided and if one is not willing to let it go just because she/he has contributed a lot to maintain it. It will help to take decision whether to stay in the relationship or not. It is also likely that the other partner realizes the worth of his/her partner and changes his/her attitude towards the relationship.

Taking a break in their relationship has definitely helped many couples, either by bringing them together with the stronger sense of bonding and in some cases by helping them part ways for their own good.



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