How to Keep Cloth Diapers from Staining

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Apr 25, 2011

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father and son Unfortunately even fresh and clean diapers can stain. If you have been washing the same cloth diapers for weeks now, you have probably noticed that you cannot eliminate all the stains which have somehow attached themselves to your baby’s diapers. Why can’t you get rid of them? This article will help to explain how to keep cloth diapers from staining, without using chemicals which might be unsafe against your baby’s skin.


Wash them frequently

  • Try not to leave the diapers sitting in the wash basket for lengthy periods.
  • Wash them every 2-3 days. The longer they are left unwashed – and in an unsanitary environment – the harder it will be to eradicate the stains.
  • Try to keep the diaper basket as clean and as dry as possible too.

When you are considering how to dry the diapers, allow them to dry in the hot sun and wind instead of the dryer or a heater. The sun and wind have natural properties – the sun is a natural bleaching agent – and they can eliminate these diaper stains more effectively than other methods. Plus, it’s cheaper than using the dryer or heater.

Cold wash

You could turn to a cold wash cycle after soaking the diapers overnight with no detergent. Maybe throw in a scoop of oxygen cleaner – or baking soda – if you have them to hand. The following morning, put these diapers through a cold wash cycle, before giving them their regular hot wash. It’s a lot more work than you are used to, but it will help the diaper cloths from staining. Maybe you could just do this procedure for each cloth diaper once every two weeks or so.

Products Available

When this issue became apparent to the cloth diaper industry – and those interested in baby products – there was a drive to produce something that would totally eliminate these frustrating diaper stains. They tend to produce these in a baby-friendly manner – free from materials which you baby make be allergic to – so they are perfectly safe. There are plenty of these products available in supermarkets and stores dedicated to mother-care.

Getting rid of those diaper stains will have your baby looking clean and cool. You don’t want your child in dirty looking diapers so hopefully this article explained to you how to keep cloth diapers from staining.


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