Planning A Baby? How Is The Current Pandemic Situation Affecting Your Mental Health?

How Is Lockdown Affecting The Mental Well-Being Of Couple Planning Baby?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 28, 2020Updated at: Jul 28, 2020
Planning A Baby? How Is The Current Pandemic Situation Affecting Your Mental Health?

Coronavirus is a public matter of concern in India. Hence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put the country under lockdown. Accordingly, this lockdown can affect the mental well-being of the couple, planning the baby in many ways. They may have less desire to conceive, may fret about going for consultations or even follow-ups. Thus, it is essential to stay calm and composed and take proper guidance before planning a pregnancy during the pandemic. COVID-19 (CoV) belong to a large family of viruses that may lead to respiratory illnesses, ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as (MERS-CoV) Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and (SARS-CoV) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Likewise, in the year 2019 (earlier this year), a new strain of coronavirus was discovered, which has not been previously identified in human beings, also known as a novel coronavirus (nCov). Thus, COVID-19 is a virus that causes respiratory disease, and in severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia. To curb the spread of it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has put the entire country under lockdown. Now, the country has entered the unlock phase 2 wherein few services have resumed.

Lockdown takes a toll on couples planning a baby

The lockdown may impact the mental well-being of couples who desire to have a baby. Owing to the financial crisis, some couples may delay their plans of conceiving. Some couples may fear of getting infected with COVID-19 and thus delay planning of having a baby. At the same time, some couples may fret about venturing out for consultations or follow-ups and therefore postpone the plan of conceiving the baby during the lockdown. They are also fearful of the potential consequences of infectious disease. It can also strain the couple's relationship. 


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Here’s how the couples should take care of their mental well-being during the lockdown

  • Instead of getting depressed, paranoid, or scared, organize your day. Make a list of the movements you want to do. Try to balance your house chores. Get some ‘ME’ time and relax! Spend some quality time with each other.

  • Journaling can be a good option. Pen down your thoughts, maintain a journal about your activities.
  • Try meditation and yoga (some of the best relaxation techniques) daily. Doing so can help you beat depression and anxiety. If you feel anxious, then seek immediate medical attention.

  • Do pursuits that make you happy. Reading, listening to music, cooking, solving puzzles, watching educational programs, painting, or gardening can be a good idea.
  • Exercising together at home can help one de-stress. You can do aerobics, stretching, walking, or play hide and seek with your kids. Stick to a well-balanced and healthy diet.
  • If one keeps a positive attitude, we have noticed a rise in fertility as there is the stress-free time during lockdown and stress is one of the causes of infertility.

  • Only believe the information from reliable sources. Do not believe in rumours.
  • Opt for counselling when required. Regarding pregnancy, this can help you clear all your doubts.

(With inputs from Dr Madhuri Burande Laha, Consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi)

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