How is Hernia Caused? Know Symptoms and Treatment Method

Hernia is severe disease which can take place at different parts of the body. Go through the symptoms and treatment given.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 23, 2021Updated at: Mar 23, 2021
How is Hernia Caused? Know Symptoms and Treatment Method

It seems like diseases have become a part of human body, you never know you may be suffering from one or another disease. This shows how careful we must remain in term of our health. There are diseases which may not look very severe but can cause severe damage to health if not taken preventions at the right time. Similarly there is a disease called Hernia. Not much people know about it but it can cause a major health issue.

What is Hernia?

Hernia is a disease which is caused by bulge in the abdomen or groin area. It is common problem which occurs in an organ that pushes the opening in the muscle from where it holds it. Hernia does not produce symptoms as they are asymptomatic but can produce little or great discomfort. It does get worse with time which means as soon as you realise you may have hernia, please go see your doctor. There are many types of hernia depending on the place of occurrence. Mostly men suffer from inguinal hernias than women because of basic difference in body structure.


Causes of Hernia

Hernia can be caused through multiple reasons. The basic cause is weakening of the muscle and strain. Depending on the reason, it can develop into a severe problem in very quick time. Some causes of hernia are mentioned below-

  • It can be caused due to aging.
  • Damage which has occurred from a injury or during a surgery.
  • Pregnancy can also cause Hernia, especially when it is the case of multiple pregnancies.
  • It can be caused by congenital condition that occurs in the womb during development and is present from birth.
  • Chronic coughing or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder can lead to hernia.
  • Heavy weight lifting and intense workout.
  • Constipation can also become a major factor.
  • Being overweight or obesity
  • If there is a family history
  • Smoking as it weakens the connective tissues.
  • Being born with low body weight or premature.


Symptoms of Hernia

Each hernia is different from the other and hence it is not know how the symptoms would appear. They may become gradually or even appear suddenly. Also different people feel different degrees of pain during hernia. The symptoms which can be visible or felt will be-

  • A bulge appears in the affected area near the joint. For eg- Lump in case of Inguinal Hernia on either sides of pubic bone.
  • Discomfort or pain while lying down around the lump.
  • The bulge may appear to be more while coughing or sneezing.
  • Feeling pain while lifting heavy weights.
  • Nausea and constipation can be the symptoms of hernia.
  • Aching sensation near the affected area.

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Where Can Hernia Be Caused?

Groin- This is more common in women. It is caused by a femoral hernia which creates a bulge just below the groin. In men inguinal hernia occurs in the groin which may reach the scrotum if not paid attention.

Upper part of Stomach- When the hernia is caused in the upper part of the stomach, it is called Hiatus hernia. This happens in the abdominal cavity and can lead into chest cavity through the diaphragm opening.

Surgical Scar- When there is a past abdominal surgery which leaves a scar, it can cause incisional hernia. This spreads through the area of the scar.

Belly Button- The hernia is caused in this area through the umbilical hernia through a bulge. It is not so common that hernia occurs in this region.


Treatment of Hernia-

Dr. Sumeet Nigam shares his views on the treatment of Hernia. He is a general physician in Sahara Hospital, Lucknow. He mentions that it is important to know that hernia does not go by itself. There are no as such preventive measures through which hernia stops growing. The only way to stop hernia is through surgery. Hernia can cause severe complications; these can be taken care of if you tell a doctor for experience of nausea, vomiting, fever or sudden pain. Early medical treatment can minimize the symptoms of hernia and can prevent any major surgeries. 

However, if there is condition of going for the surgery for Hernia, then it is recommended to go for hernia repair surgery. This can be fruitful in future but it depends on the overall symptoms in your body.

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Hernia can form a severe medical condition if not taken care of at early stages. There are different types of hernia depending on the place of occurrence in the body. It does not go by itself until some external treatment is provided. You should visit your doctor as soon as possible if you find any symptoms which leads to hernia and lump in the body.

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