How to Get Over Your Ex

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Oct 21, 2011

How to Get Over Your Ex

If your relationship has ended, chances are that it is because one or both of you was not ready for it. If it was one of those affairs in which the couples start to expect things to come good too early, it is only good that it is over. You might feel like being “in love” for some days but the experience of others should make it clear that it is only a passing phase and most people go through it. The loss of a cherished relationship can bring about a phase of despondency but you can tide over it by following the advice given here.


Tips to get over your Ex

  • Shun obsessive thinking – It is well-nigh impossible that you can simply shirk away the thought of your ex but do not attach emotions to those thoughts. Remember that you might have enjoyed your time with this person but as you and your partner did not want it any longer, it is only good that the affair has ended. This life situation gives you an opportunity to identify what you need to avoid when planning on having a relationship.
  • Time is of essence – Time heals everything and this is true for your relationship too. Look ahead to having a great time after the hurt is over. It will happen without you even noticing.
  • Get talking – Talk to your friends and relatives as they can make you feel good about yourself. Pouring out your emotions to one of your mates or someone in the family might just be the best antidote to the grief post break-up.
  • Jot down your feelings – If you find yourself too reserved to vent your feelings on someone, take them out on a paper. Keeping a dairy can work very nicely. You can probably inculcate a positive habit out of this situation in life. The best thing about writing is that at times a sudden insight dawns on you which can entirely change the way you look at everything.
  • Avoid reminders of your ex – Places or things which remind you of your ex should be done away with. They could be anything, from smell, a place, a picture, music or any such thing. Coming in contact with any of these may make the old memories come flooding back along with the hurt and pain.
  • Plan on distractions – Be it the latest blockbuster, a bestseller or joining a singing or music class, anything which you have always wanted to do. This is the best time to take to them with a zest.

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