How to Fix a Trust Issue in a Relationship

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May 23, 2013

How to Fix a Trust Issue in a Relationship

Fixing trust issue in a relationship can be very difficult. In most of the cases violation of trust leads to destruction of relationship. The very first step of rebuilding the trust is to find why it was broken. Ignoring the issue or trying to be defensive can even heighten the intensity of issue. Heart-felt apologies and confession can help your relationship by bringing back the trust in a relationship.


  • Keep the channels of communication open to your partner. Both the parties must be ready and prepared for analyzing situations. Talk about the things that must be changed in your relationship and try to implement them.
  • Most importantly, find out the factors that have reached to breach of trust. Instead of blaming others try to find out what is missing from your side. If it is your fault then, be mature enough to take responsibility of your actions.
  • Don’t let ego come into your relationship, apologize to your partner. Choose your words carefully and ensure that you don’t blame someone else for your faults.
  • By accepting your fault you are conveying the importance of your relationship. It also shows your overall honesty to your significant other. Moreover, taking responsibility of your actions also shows your maturity.
  • Forgive quickly; Even though, it is not easy to forgive but if you keep on holding the angry feelings they will only add to difficulties in the future.
  • Take opinion from your family members and close friends. Talking to them about problems of your relationship can help to resolve the issue.
  • If you find it difficult to fix trust issue in your relationship then you can take professional help. Both of you can visit a relationship counsellor and seek their help in mending the damaged relationship.
  • Trust your partner and never accuse him/her unless your partner gives you a valid reason for mistrusting. Blaming without any reason will just create air of mistrust in which your honesty can also be doubted. Believe on your spouse and have faith on whatever he/she tells you.
  • Remember that if you harbour issues for long they will become more complex. So don’t ignore the problems instead get hold of them as soon as possible.



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