How to Encourage Responsible Teen Dating?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

Dating was considered taboo in India in the recent past, but this general attitude has since rescinded. It may be difficult for you to remember your first crush but with changing times it is important to accept dating.   Don't belittle your teenager’s feelings and emotions; be careful in handling this sensitive issue or you might alienate him. It is important to keep the lines of communication open so that you can guide and help if necessary. Read on to know how you can encourage responsible dating for your teenagers.

  • Set a time by which they should return and adhere strictly to it. Make it clear that if they are going to be late to inform you. If they are repeatedly beyond the limit, enforce discipline.
  • Make sure that they inform you about where they're planning to go. Insist initially they go out in a group rather than one-on-one.
  • Try to introduce yourself on their first date; it doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal introduction, just a simple “hello” is fine. 
  • Stress before they go they should hold the reins and not lose themselves in the moment.
  • Do not give additional money for dating; make it clear they have to finance their own social life from their allowance.
  • Advise them to call you if they feel they are in danger or need help.

Talk to your child about sexual matters so you are confident they have accurate information. Make your teen understands that sex is not just a recreational activity and it can lead to life changing consequences, such as babies and sexually transmitted disease.



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