How to effectively parent a toddler?

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Feb 06, 2013

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Each day your child learns something new, discovers more and more about themselves and the world around them. But they can be very difficult to handle. Read on to know simple things that can keep your bundle of energy occupied and happy.

  • Sing and dance with them: Play rhymes or some music meant for kids. It will surely make your little one interested.
  • Cook with them: With a slightly older child you can make simple things like cookies, popcorn, and juices. Children love to help and feel big. Both of you can eat and enjoy it.
  • Play with them: Do you know you can teach a lot while playing with the toddler and it can be real fun? You can play dress up games, do simple puzzles, draw and color, play doll game, or anything that you can enjoy with your child.
  • Read on: Children love to hear stories. Read out fairy tales and other stories. Choose books which have lots of pictures as  this stimulates interest. Reading will introduce new words, help in language development and may be it will become a life-long habit.
  • Have kids party: Invite your child’s friend and let them play together at home or take them to park to play.

Once you start doing fun things with your toddler you will discover that you are full of newer ideas for making the most of your time with your child. Generation X Parenting Skills


Generation X is the generation of people who grew up with MTV and rising use of cell phones and personal computers. The parenting style of this generation changed with time and is quite different from the Baby Boomer parents.

  • Parental Involvement: These parents are more interested in their child's activities, are conservative and proactive, want to ensure that their children are raised in a decent environment, get good schooling, and are treated properly. They like to make their own decisions concerning their child’s good interest rather than listening to what others have to say. For schooling they expect small class sizes (preferably one-on-one schooling environment), highly skilled teachers, and better extracurricular activities.
  • Equal Parenting: These parents share responsibility between the mom and dad. Fathers of this generation like to spend more quality time with the child. This is probably due to the fact that many of these dads were raised alone by mother while the father worked or travelled often related to job. These fathers like to take their child for doctor's appointments, teachers meet, and even to play in the park.
  • Overprotective Parents: Parents of this generation are overprotective and always worried about the safety and security of their child. They search for the newest and latest baby gadgets for their safety and protection. They want their child to go for every possible extracurricular activity, and intend to protect from them from all problems and difficulties.


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