Know how you can Ease Cramping in Early Cramping

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Mar 01, 2012
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  • Cramping is a symptom of early pregnancy.
  • Stretching your legs in a variety of ways could prove helpful.
  • A warm shower when you get cramps may prove effective in relieving it.
  • Placing a heating pad on the affected areas could also be helpful.

Cramping is a common condition in early pregnancy that may be observed to be related to cramps that one experiences at the time of menstruation.

cramps in early pregnancyMinor cramps are in itself a symptom of pregnancy and indicate normal progression of pregnancy i.e. that of the body in preparation for the baby's development. If you have been experiencing severe anguish as a result of cramping during the early phase of pregnancy, here are some things you can do to ease the pain.


Stretch Your Legs

In order to ease cramping during early stage of pregnancy you must stretch your legs before going to bed.

  • Slowly bend your heel towards the shinbone. This may hurt initially, but will gradually ease the cramping. Make sure that you don’t point your toes downwards as by doing so you will worsen the cramps.
  • Another way of relieving cramping in your calf muscle is to stretch them while standing. Position yourself against any stable object such as a wall and balance yourself with your hands. Step your right foot forward to the distance you can safely reach. Make sure that your right knee doesn’t pass the right toe. Now, lean forward towards the right leg while keeping your left leg straight. Come back to your original position. Repeat the entire procedure with your left leg forward.



For leg cramps, use long strokes in downward direction i.e. from knee to ankle. Rub, squeeze and knead the cramping muscles in the way you like. If the pain is extreme and you just cannot move enough to massage on your own, take help from your partner.

A combination of stretching and massage is a wonder treatment for cramping during pregnancy.


Take Warm Shower

Another way to ease cramping during early pregnancy is to take a warm bath. However, make sure that the water is not hot. The heat will help to relieve cramping by relaxing the ligaments and muscles.


Use Heating Pad

Applying heat on the affected areas can relieve cramping.  This can be done either by a hot water bottle or heating pad but ensure that it is not too hot. It works wonders in bringing ease to abdominal cramping during early pregnancy.


Keep Constipation at Bay

Most pregnant women face the problem of constipation in early stage of pregnancy. Abdominal pain that stems out from constipation can add to cramping. Increase the intake of water and fibre in your diet. If the problem persists, talk to your doctor.


Take Plenty of Rest

Take care of yourself by taking plenty of rest. If you are tired or stressed, even minor pain will seem very annoying to you. Taking adequate amount of rest will surely ease cramping during early pregnancy.


Consult Your Doctor

Even though mild cramping is normal during pregnancy, if it exacerbates and becomes annoying then there is reason to worry. Severe cramping that is accompanied by bleeding must be immediately taken care of.


Cramping during pregnancy is inevitable and because there could be so many reasons why you are suffering from it, preventing it is rather tough and almost impossible. If the pain is excruciating and none of the above mentoned remedies work, make sure that you visit your general physician as soon as possible.

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