How to Earn Respect in a Relationship

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Apr 02, 2013

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How to Earn Respect in a Relationship

Imagine a relationship that lacks mutual respect for each other. If there is a pressure on you to love that person, things would indeed become difficult. Here are a few insiders’ tips on how you can earn respect in a relationship.


  • Learn to give each other some space. Encroaching on each other’s space and keeping a track of your partner’s life with incessant phone calls for example, show vulnerability and lack of confidence from your side. Never do what you do not want to experience yourself. This is because these things are reciprocal in a relationship and does lead to a loss of mutual respect for each other.
  • Behave. Physical and verbal abuse is a sure no-no. This might make you drift miles apart from a loving relationship apart from making you lose the scope of earning respect in the future as well.
  • Be honest. Constant lying, manipulation and erratic behaviour harm the level of trust in a relationship. An honest behaviour help relationship by bringing in simplicity, respect and mutual admiration in the relationship.
  • Losing the assertive or the dominant nature while expressing desires and needs helps people earn respect in a relationship. This also means that you accommodate the other person’s point of view and respect it.
  • Highlight your partner’s destructive behaviour which is the cause of some problems in the relationship and your life. Most partners often do not realise the extent of the damage they cause. Examples of that can be constant nagging to get your way out, blaming the partner in every situation or simple bad behaviour. Remember that your behaviour is reflective of the way you live. A smiling couple will give out better vibes than a couple full of misunderstandings and disrespect for each other.
  • Do not drag your partner into everything you do! She/he might do it to keep you happy but such instances only portray you as the clinger in the relationship making your partner lose respect for you. Do not take the statement “I will build my life around you” too seriously!
  • Anger management. Control your anger and keep it under check.
  • A disagreement does not mean the end of a relationship. Most individuals nag until they have their way in the matter. Do not let your ideologies take an edge over your partner’s decisions in order to earn her/his respect. Respect her/his decision.
  • Above all, you must have the desire to be respected and show respect in return. And this stems from self-respect. Be confident of who you are at a personal level. An under confident self cannot lead to earning respect from the other.


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