How to Dress for a Date for Teens

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Mar 30, 2012

How to Dress for a Date for Teens

When children grow up to become teenagers and go through hormonal changes, they begin to develop sexual and emotional feelings for the opposite sex.  While it may be fun to go out with someone, it can also be disastrous. A date is the first step two people of the opposite sex take to develop their relationship. To know how you can earn favourable points on a date, make an effort to dress your best. Here are tips on how to dress for a date for teens.


  • An ideal teenage girl dress is one that does not reveal a lot of skin. Dresses that are scantily clad will give out wrong signals to your date. Considering that you are only growing up to get used to the concept of dating, there is a decent chance that you will feel that wearing low necks and short bottoms will be appealing to your date. If you wear such clothes, you are only going to make him uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that you show him how serious you are about the date. Well, dress well even if you do not care about the date. Ensure that you don’t look like you threw yourself into whatever you found first thing in your closet.
  • Wear clothes that complement your body’s shape. If you are skinny, wear scoop-neck shirts and if you are fat, wear something that shows your curves off. Refrain from wearing tight clothes if you are flabby.
  • If your top is bold printed, wear pants or skirts that are simple. If it is a casual date, wear a short skirt or blouse and jeans. If your top is colourful, wear a bottom that is simple and single coloured. Avoided faded jeans because they are passé. Avoid mixing a bright top with a bright bottom as that will be extremely overwhelming for your date. 
  • Accessories are an important part of date wear for teens. Be careful about selecting the right accessory for the date. Do not go overboard with the accessories. If you are wearing dark colours or plain bright colours, you can wear numerous bangle bracelets of neutral colours.
  • Make sure what you wear is comfortable. Buy a cloth that is made up of a fabric that suits your skin. Do not change your style exclusively for the date.


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