How does Acupressure Work?

Accupressure is based on the principle that certain body parts have a bio-electric connection to vital body organs. When pressure is applied to these parts in a certain manner, endorphins are released which provide relief from pain.

Jenita Gulati
Home RemediesWritten by: Jenita GulatiPublished at: Jul 11, 2011
How does Acupressure Work?

Women take massageThere are certain points on are body which respond to bioelectrical impulses and they also carry energy. When pressure is put on these points then endorphins are released which reduce the pain and increases the flow of blood and oxygen. It also increases the body’s resistance to illness and relaxes the muscles and heals them. It also helps in relieving stress and tension and allows the body to attain equilibrium.

  • In acupressure it is believed that there are twelve channels in our body; all related to each part of the body. These channels finally connect to the nervous system.
  • When there is any kind of blockage in any part of the body, force is exerted via acupressure to remove that hindrance and to ensure proper flow of blood, oxygen and positive energy.
  • For acupressure, a skilled practitioner is required.
  • Acupressure not only relieves pain but also ensures a good and stable life.
  • It helps in the toning of muscles and is also used as a beauty treatment to improve the texture of the skin.
  • Acupressure can be used simultaneously with your other medical treatment. The two frames of reference for a pressure point in acupressure are the focal point and the trigger point. Focal point is used when pressure is exerted on a particular point and trigger point is used to put pressure on a nearby point.
  • Each point heals many ailments.
  • Qi is called the vital energy and there are many factors (both internal and external) which impact the body negatively and hamper the flow of Qi.
  • Acupressure can release Qi and ensure proper functioning of the body.

Therefore, by acupressure is meant putting pressure on specific points in the body which are located on the twelve channels. After pressure is exerted, Qi is released and the body feels relaxed and is balanced and pain is reduced.

There are about 365 points on the major channel and 650 individual pressure points and that’s the reason why a certified practitioner for acupressure is required. The three techniques to affect Qi are:

  • Tonifying (for weak qi),
  • Disperse (for blocked qi).
  • Calm (for overactive qi).

Acupressure works wonders for back pain, fatigue, headache, anxiety, stress, tension and loneliness. But it should be avoided by women during pregnancy and by individuals with high blood pressure.


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