How to Discipline a Hyperactive Child?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 21, 2012

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How to discipline a hyperactive childParenting a hyperactive child has specific requirements, as proper discipline will make him happier, less stressed and better behaved, and will lead to a better parent/child relationship. With these children, "patience, persistence, and consistency" is required on child development and behavior. Some tips which can help you successfully parent a hyperactive child.

  • Encourage your child with praise, good words, smiles, and rewards for good behavior rather than punishments for bad behavior; you need to make rules that are consistent.
  • Practice time outs and these can help to calm them.
  • Give them reminders; if your child misbehaves, remind them of the same thing several times (such as “if you hit anyone today in the park, I will take you home and won’t allow any television). Tell them the consequences of behavior so he knows why something is wrong and how will you react.
  • Do not get angry or reprimand your child without warning.
  • Give them responsibility and encourage them to help out at home, with chores such as cleaning the house and cooking. This makes them feel grown-up and diverts their energy in a positive way.


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