How to Build Character in Children?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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The world is becoming tougher each day and we try to make things easy and smooth for our children. But to make our children competent and prevent them from becoming misfits, it is important that you build character in them. Read the following piece to understand ways of instilling good character in your children.

  • Do not try to make their life smooth; let them face and deal with their problems and learn from their failures and successes. Help them only when absolutely required to do so.
  • Be a good role model; children learn by example so be the model that you want them to be. To be a good parent you have to act like one.
  • Support them with their goals and ambitions; encourage them to try hard, but don’t criticize or judge.
  • Develop good communication channels with your children.  Develop a relationship which makes them feel you are always there if needed.
  • Set and make your rules clear from the beginning; this helps to develop self-control and good behavior.
  • Use positive methods of disciplining; reward good behavior, use a firm “no” to discourage negative actions.
  • Encourage them to recognize their strengths, qualities and achievements. Challenging them to explore their talents can do a lot of good for their self-esteem.


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