How to Diaper a Baby

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Jul 08, 2011

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To diaper a baby has progressively become simpler than it was a decade back. But after a diaper is in hands, the most frequent dilemma still is, how to diaper a baby in the right manner.
While undertaking the job of diapering, parents repeatedly make common mistakes such as putting a diaper lopsided or backwards. Here are some tips, step by step, that can be of help in making a diaper change a rather simple work for a mother and a non-annoying instance for the newborn.


  1. Wash your hands: Cleaning hands is the foremost step. Sponge your hands before and after changing the diaper.
  2. It is not a good idea to leave the tot by himself. So be prepared with everything that you need. Have two or three new and clean diapers by your side.
  3. Lay a baby down on a flat bed or a mat or a towel.
  4. Watch out for baby diaper rashes. If it is any rash there, use cotton balls.
  5. With your hand set on the baby, undo the diaper pins.
  6. For removing the diaper, hold baby’s feet up together, fold the diaper and safely take it out.
  7. After unfastening the diaper, gently clean the baby’s genitals and buttocks from front and back. Wipe away the remaining urine and faeces with cotton. Do not keep the thighs unattended in the cleaning processes. If it’s a baby girl, make sure you clean the vagina and labia area. Tenderly pat it dry with a towel.
  8. Slide a new neat diaper underneath the baby in a way that the adhesive tabs get placed at the back. Pull the front part of it between the little one’s legs. If you’re diapering a baby boy, place a fresh diaper on his penis and aim it downward. It will prevent him from peeing out of the diaper and will prevent you from getting wet.
  9. Now close up the tabs on the diaper. In the case of a cloth diaper, the corners should be pinned up.
  10. Carefully check the fitting. Ensure that diaper is not suffocating for the baby. The easy way is to do this is by placing your two fingers between the baby’s waist and the diaper.
  11. Now you are pretty close to accomplishing the task. Make your baby wear a pair of waterproof pants if you are not using the diaper cover.
  12. Oh yes the last step matters a lot. Cuddle your baby and give him a kiss for being patient!

One has to be extra cautious while catering to the needs of the toddlers, and when you have to diaper a baby, nothing matches up with  a good combination of patience and skills that makes the diapering session an untroubled one for the baby. Keep playing with your newborn throughout the process. Deviate his attention with some toy or a mobile tone or simply murmur a sweet song that your child always responds to. Do whatever it takes to make him smile and forget what is being done down there.

To diaper a baby will not be that difficult now, will it?



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