How Dangerous is Chikungunya

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 28, 2011

Anti-viral medications and preventive vaccines are available for most diseases today but epidemics like Chikungunya still cause deaths for thousands of people. No preventive method or curative treatment has been developed yet. The only option left for a person that gets infected with the chikungunya virus is to diagnose it as early as possible and try to get relief from symptoms as much as possible.


Since 1999, thousands have fallen prey to this dreaded infection while medical practitioners were left puzzled over its cause and developing a suitable treatment. Since then, doctors have been advising suitable preventive precautions and have found ways to provide relief from symptoms.


The worst impact of chikungunya is that it eats into a patient’s WBC count that is responsible for maintaining immunity. The damage to immunity aggravates any other medical condition that the person is suffering from and that proves fatal in many cases. High fever, severe pain in joints, headaches, chills, vomiting and rashes are the common symptoms of a chikungunya virus infection. These symptoms are similar to those of dengue but joint pain is more pronounced in chikungunya. The patient needs to take proper precautions and keep examining his condition by visits to the doctor.


Although, chikungunya is self-limiting condition, the fever wreaks havoc on the immune system of the infected person. Aged people and small children are especially vulnerable to face very damaging or fatal consequences. The old people have an immune system which is already weak and the chikungunya fever accentuates the condition leading to liver and kidney disorders, paralysis and cerebral problems like dementia. Small children are not able to face the severe symptoms of this condition and die due to them. Countries in Asia and Africa have seen a lot of child deaths because of this medical condition.


It is very important to take proper precautions against the chikungunya virus to stop it from spreading. The aedes aegypti mosquitoes carry it. The disease has reached various parts of the world by travelling of people from infected areas to other areas.



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