How can one prevent Lazy Eye?

To prevent a lazy eye it is important to diagnose the problem. You can check for the disorder at home by performing few tests on the child.

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How can one prevent Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye or amblyopia, an eye disorder, can prove to be very dangerous of a child catches it an early age. It is not easy to recognize if a child is suffering from the disorder and even the patient does not come to know if there is a problem with the eye. Only an ophthalmologist is can diagnose and treat the condition. However, there are several measures which can be taken to prevent and diagnose the disorder.

Have a Moving Object Test

You can test your child’s response to a moving object to diagnose the problem. Check if one eye of your child responds slowly than the other. Take a bright coloured object and move it in various directions and check the movement of your child’s eyes.

Lazy Eye Prevention

Do a Photo Test

If there is a doubt that there is a problem with the alignment of your child’s eyes, a photo test can diagnose the problem clearly. Whenever you see a misalignment in the eyes, take picture. Now look at the light reflex on iris area of both the eyes. Check for the symmetry of both the eyes.

Do a Cover-Uncover Test

If your child is six months or older you perform a cover-uncover test to detect a problem. Make your sit on your partner’s lap and make them face you. Cover their one eye with hand without applying any pressure. Make the child look at a toy with the uncovered toy for some time. Now remove your hand and check the eye. If has to whip back into alignment then there is a problem. Repeat the same test with the other eye also.


Lazy Eye Prevention

Put a Patch on Healthy Eye

When you patch the healthy eye it makes the brain forcefully see through the weaker eye.

Wear the Patch for 2-6 Hours a Day

According to a study a child must be made to wear the path for only 2-6 hours a day. The amount of improvement seen in the vision would be same as wearing the patch for the entire day.

The best way to prevent a lazy eye is to diagnose it at an early age.

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