How to Calm Screaming Kids

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Sep 01, 2011

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Child is screamingKids of all ages would commonly experience emotional outbursts manifested through teary and screaming sessions. Most often, they appear manipulated for convincing parents of some demand which was otherwise falling on deaf ears. Screaming kids at home are easier to manage. You at least have the time and privacy to manage the problem on your own. Most often however, these emotionally turbulent phases are more likely to occur at a public place like a supermarket or even a restaurant. In such cases, gaining control of the situation could be difficult. As a parent you should know exactly what to do to calm down screaming kids really fast. Or else, they could make a spectacle of themselves in no time.

Calm Screaming Kids in the following ways


Consider adhering to the following steps for calming down screaming kids without aggravating the situation unknowingly.

  • First, when your child is going through such an agitated phase, you need to know how to calm yourself. Always keep your cool..When your child has already lost control over his or her emotions, he or she would require your support. If you behave in the same manner, conditions are likely to worsen. Your calm demeanour would motivate the child to regain control over themselves. Being angry or upset with them will never solve the problem.
  • If he has chosen a potentially unsafe spot for his emotional outburst, you need to remove him from there, as soon as you can. Sometimes such sessions could strike off either near the kitchen stove or at the edge of an escalator. Justtake away your child from such spots.Move away from him so that there is a distance between the two of you. You might want to ignore them for a while till they calm down.
  • In case, screaming kids seem to be going out of control with time, consider placing them in their comfort zones for effective release of emotions. At home, you can put him in her favourite time out spot or play centre. If you are in the middle of a supermarket, take him back to your car. Strap him in his seat and wait outside. Let all his anger and frustration vent out.
  • Once the tantrum starts losing steam, get into the comforting mode. Sit down with your kid and try to see what he’s trying to convey and vice versa. Take him in your lap and plant a kiss on his cheek and show you care. Try distracting screaming kids with a collection of their most favourite toys. For instance you could give him his favourite car from his toys’ lot.

During the calming down process, always remind your kids that you love them unconditionally. They should never feel insecure at any point in time.


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