How to Ask a Guy Out

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Jul 06, 2012

How to Ask a Guy Out

Do you want to ask a guy out, but are not sure how to go about it? Take a look at these steps to prepare self for the best possible outcome.


Choose the Right Time and Place

Make sure that you ask a guy out in the right time and the right place. It is always right to ask someone out face-to-face instead of e-mails, crumpled notes or text messages. To be able to propose a guy in the right place, you clearly have to know where he is and make a move.


Give the Guy Space when you are Near

Do not keep going wherever your crush does. If he realises that, he may as well be scared of you. Greeting each other with a simple “hi” may work in your favour or you may do the following:

  • If you constantly run into each other, you may go ahead and ask him to befriend you.
  • When you befriend your guy, make sure that you are comfortable talking to him and he is someone, who respects you always.
  • Take time to know the guy better. Talk to him and work towards becoming good friends.


Dress Comfortably

The day you go to ask your guy out, make sure that you can wear something that you are comfortable in. Wearing a confident outfit will make you feel confident and give you the courage to make a move. Do not wear something that will make you feel self-conscious. These include tight dresses, low-cut blouse etc.


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Ask Him Out

When you are talking to him and about to get to what you feel for him, make sure that you start with small talk, such as what he does and that you like what he is wearing, etc. Try  not to approach him when he is busy.


Break the Ice

When the two of you are talking, make eye contact. Make sure that you are alone before asking him out.  Ask about his interests in activities and if he says that he is interested in something that you are interested in too, ask him if he can join you. If he likes you, the chances are that he will not disagree. When you are at it, tell him about your feelings.


Things to Keep in Mind

When you are about to ask a guy out, make sure that you:

  • don’t rush up to him or
  • ask a friend to help you ask him out.


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