How to approach a parent about their child's bad behavior?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

Does your friend’s child behave badly when he is at your place? - at times he is even violent.  But how do you tell his parents that you are having problems with him?


Before you actually decide to do something, ensure that whatever the child has done (like hitting or bad language) is a regular occurrence.

  • Talk to the child about his behavior and let him know it’s not acceptable.
  • Note down the dates and times when he behaved badly and the instructions you gave him regarding it.
  • Talk to child’s parent if he behaves badly more than three times or if he is violent more than once.
  • Do not sound judgmental and stay calm; if possible, let the parents know you would like to talk about his behavior in advance. Let them know the details and do not sound reproving and critical.

For most parents, even a hint regarding their child’s behavior is enough to make them take notice. But some parents can react negatively to these suggestions. Make them understand that you are not playing a blame game, but you are concerned about the child’s behavior. If his behavior does not improve, keep your child away from him.



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