Household Chores reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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Sep 04, 2012

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Household Chores reduce Breast Cancer Risk

In a new study, The European Prospective Investigation of Cancer has claimed that doing household chores, walking and gardening can reduce breast cancer risk.

Women, who engage in mild to moderate exercises, cut their breast cancer risk by 13 per cent. The researchers analysed the data of 8,000 women, who had suffered from breast cancer and tried to establish a link between their diet, lifestyle and activity level and breast cancer. The findings of the study claimed that the physically active women had 13 per cent lesser chances of developing breast cancer than those who led sedentary lifestyle. Also, women who moderately engaged in exercising had 8 per cent lesser risk of breast cancer.[Read: How can one prevent Breast Cancer?]

The previous research on cancer estimated that in U.K in 2010, more than 3 per cent of breast cancer cases and more than 5 per cent of colon cancer cases were linked to individuals, who weren’t even doing 150 minutes of workout in a week.[Read: How to reduce the Breast Cancer Risk]

The study was published in the International Journal of Cancer,



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