How Does Hormone Imbalance Affect Women’s Mental Health? Psychologist Explains

Hormonal Imbalance can cause mental health issues with women. Here are conditions and causes every women should know.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jan 27, 2022Updated at: Jan 27, 2022
How Does Hormone Imbalance Affect Women’s Mental Health? Psychologist Explains

Mental health issues are not just limited to work stress and relationship problems. It is way more than that, there are many things affecting your mental health which you generally do not realise. Women get hormonal issues at various periods of life, this also affects their mental health and create symptoms of mental health disorders. If the hormonal imbalance lasts for longer duration, it can also have a permanent affect on the health. Hormones affect a lot of things in your body; hence it can impact your overall health as well. Let us understand how does hormonal imbalance impacts your mental health.

Hormone Deregulation

There are several types of hormones in the body that are responsible to perform separate functions. Each type of hormone has a particular effect on women’s brain and their mental health. According to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist from Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow says that oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone have important roles to play in determining the emotions. When any of these hormones get disbalanced, then it contributes towards mental health issues and disorders. 


In women, reproductive hormones cause the maximum amount of problems and there is major chance that it gets disbalanced. Drop in oestrogen levels and progesterone actually makes women irritated and anxious. There is also a stress hormone called cortisol which can cause anxiety and depression if it gets imbalanced or decreases.

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance causing Mental Disorders

Symptoms of deregulation of hormones affecting mental health are very common. It can be as normal as having sleep disturbance and depressive mood. However sometimes it can be very major and complex. Here are some symptoms which you should not ignore-

  • Sleep disturbances
  • Muscle aches. Stiffness and weakness on a regular interval
  • Memory loss
  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Problem while concentrating
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin constipation or diarrhoea
  • Fast or slow heartbeat
  • Sudden change in weight
  • Intolerance of temperature

How does Hormone imbalance affect women’s mental health?

As per Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, hormone deregulation can cause mental health problems including disorders such as depression and anxiety attacks. It actually raises the cortisol and DHEA which leads to increase blood sugar levels and insulin in the body. As a result of this increase in cortisol, it also leads to decrease in serotonin that makes people panic and unstable. It could affect a woman very seriously and lead to low serotonin. The function of serotonin is to calm the brain and make it feel good in the neurotransmitters. It could also lead to psychological issues that could affect women for a long period.


Hormonal imbalances can also be because of thyroid gland problem. It is also a mental health issue that gets affected by underactive and overactive thyroid. Most of the conditions related to hormone imbalance and mental health are connected thus it can worsen as the imbalance increases. Mental health issues sustain for longer period in women because it is also related to menstrual period, pregnancy and menopause. 

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Causes of Hormonal Imbalance in Women

There could be various factors that could influence hormones of the person. Let us know what can cause hormonal imbalance which could possibly lead to mental health problems in women.

Lifestyle changes- Lifestyle factors could also be affected because of poor sleeping, eating and lifestyle habits. All these things lead to chronic stress which women do not realise. It also contributes to mental health issues and disorders. It also includes change in eating habits, mood swings, and lack of proper sleep.

During pregnancy- It has a lot to do with hormonal imbalance. Majority of women faces some kind of hormonal issues during pregnancy; this can affect her testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone levels in the body. According to psychologist, about 5% of people women have thyroid dysfunction during their pregnancy. It can take up to 3-4 months to return to normal levels.


Postpartum Thyroid- Thyroid which occurs due to inflammation while giving birth to the child also affect around 10 percent of women and can be often neglected. This leads to chance in personality and causes depressed mood and fatigue in women. 

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Menopause- One of the major cause of hormonal imbalance in women is because of menopause. Around 50 percent of women have some or the other kind of hormonal deregulation while dealing with menopause or time around it. This happens because ovaries produce less hormones in this time as result of which stress and mental health issues increases. This is also the reason why many women are prone to get thyroid in this stage.

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