Holistic Ways to Get Pregnant

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Jul 27, 2012

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Holistic Ways to Get Pregnant

Women who are having difficulty in conceiving but do not want to consider in vitro fertility solutions or pills, there are many natural ways that are as effective. The holistic ways to get pregnant involve making natural alterations in the body that make it ready to conceive.


Natural Ways to Get Pregnant

Herbal remedies

By taking some herbal remedies, you would be able to regulate your cycle. This would help in regulating your ovulation and aid in giving it a head start. With that, you would be able to conceive better. Some herbs that you can use are Siberian ginseng, black cohosh and chasteberry. But you need to make sure that you buy only the fertility blends of these herbs. Take the help of a herbalist in sorting out the right mix of herbs for you. You need to get a concoction of herbs that are helpful in treating your specific problems.



If stress is preventing your ovulation and conception, Yoga may be the best way out. By practicing it, you not only give time to yourself, but also stretch your body and engage in deep breathing. All these help to reduce your stress. If you want better health benefits of Yoga, join a class instead of buying a CD. It would get you more involved if you do that. Moreover, your instructor would help you adjust your body to ensure that you are not getting the poses wrong, or performing the breathing in a wrong way.

Healthy changes in the diet

Your ability of conception is dependent greatly on what you eat and drink. For example if you are addicted to tobacco, alcohol and even caffeine, removing these undesirable substances from your diet would improve your chances of conceiving. Get your nutrition mostly from natural sources of food such as fruits, beans, vegetables and organic whole grains if possible. This list does not include meats as they only increase your stress level.


Acupuncture can be one of holistic ways to get pregnant. Your practitioner would tell you the energy restrictions in your body leading to fertility problems. After this, needles would be placed on certain body points, after which electricity would be run through them. This helps to remove the restrictions on energy flow in your body and helps you conceive. Make sure you tell your practitioner about your fertility problem as he may place needles that conduct energy flow in a way that aggravate your infertility problem.

The holistic approach to get pregnant given here is preferable to artificial means such as in vitro or taking pills but you do need to make sure that they are followed in the right way. So, reach out to the expert practitioners of these holistic methods to get pregnant.


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