Health Condition of Delhi Gang Rape Victim

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Dec 20, 2012

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Health Condition of Delhi Gang Rape Victim

As newspapers and television reports hang on describing the gruesome gang rape that took place in the darkness of tinted window panes of a white moving bus with medical jargons, we believe it is injustice to be reading the black fonts as they appear and not dissect the nut inside. Here is how the victim has been attended to in Safdarjung hospital where she is admitted.

  • The victim is admitted to Safdarjung hospital on Sunday night after she is found lying semi-naked on the road by a passerby, who reports having seen her lie on the road to the police control room.
  • The doctors reveal severe injuries on the victim’s head, face and genital area as she was brutally attacked with an iron rod by the men. The victim’s intestines and abdomen are also said to have been dislocated. The girl is admitted in the ICU.
  • The victim goes through four surgeries following which she is put on mechanical ventilator. Among the surgeries performed was an elective abdominal surgery i.e. gastronomy and duodenustromy. By virtue of gastronomy, the doctor inserts a feeding tube through a cut on the skin that runs up to the stomach wall. This surgery is done on people who cannot eat or drink through their mouth. Duodenustromy is the establishment of an opening into the starting point of the small intestine. This is done to drain out any secretions when the patient cannot move.
  • The victim is put under mechanical ventilator. When in mechanical ventilator, a tube is inserted into the trachea so as to provide a direct and clear route for the air. The tube may either be inserted through the mouth, the nose or through an artificial opening in the neck. The girl was on and off ventilator depending on how well her body was able to fight the condition. She is put under close observation of the doctors.
  • Doctors suspect the spread of infection to the intestine and the rest of the organs.
  • The victim goes through fifth surgery in which doctors remove 15 inches of her gangrenous small intestine. In the surgery the girl’s abdomen is cleaned and closed. The doctors say that the victim has lost most of her intestine. She is shifted to the ICU after surgery.
  • Doctors continue to feed drugs and food to her intravenously.


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