Health Benefits of Fasting

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Aug 18, 2011

With the news of Anna Hazare’s fast coming as headlines on all major newspapers and the media coverage in overdrive, the question of how it will affect his health is valid.

Fasting has a health restorative impact on the body and you can also get rid of some ailments. A case in point is sleeping after which you have your breakfast. When you sleep, you do not eat for 8 to 9 hours, and the body is in restoration and rejuvenation mode. That is why you awake refreshed and full of energy for the day. But, Anna's fasting is not for those 8-9 hour alone. It's about 14 days of fasting.


There are many factors that lead to rejuvenation of your body after sleeping but the relief that your digestive system gets because of not eating for so long or fasting, is one of them. Deviating a bit from the political line, let's see how fasting could, in general, benefit you.


How can Fasting Benefit You


  • Balancing of body functions – The term homeostasis refers to the stabilising and balancing functions of the body. These are needed to adjust your body to different external and internal environments it gets subjected to. Your body can maintain homeostasis more easily when it is resting and fasting than when eating and being active. The body energies conserved in such a period of rest gives an advantage to the natural healing process of the body. That is why it is common for people who are fasting to experience an improvement in their sense of taste, smell, hearing and even eyesight in some circumstances.
  • Drop in blood pressure – Your blood pressure will drop in a fast. This is alright if you are suffering from high blood pressure and it is actually a way you can look to control your condition. For people with low or normal blood pressure, there can be some complications of this, although not serious. Whenever you change your posture, there will be a sudden feeling of light-headedness and weakness. By keeping still most of the time and shifting gradually from one position to another when needed, you can minimize this complication.
  • Fasting will not starve you – People who have never fasted before tend to think that they will feel like starving. That is hardly ever the case. Fasting means abstaining from food while there are enough natural nutrient reserves in the body to meet its needs in the ensuing period. If you are a healthy person, it is most likely that you have enough nutrient reserves to last at least a day without food.
  • Psychological factors – Some people even enjoy the light feeling that comes from not having food for a day. There are some who get used to fasting and do not feel normal if they skip it.

Anna Hazare’s fast for ending corruption may be just the right time for you to experience the health benefits of fasting; and along with toxins from your body, flush corruption out of the country if you think it could be a way! And if you're nodding then go fast with Anna Hazare! Take your pick!


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