Health and Care during Pregnancy

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Sep 24, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Every year, there are 200 million pregnancies in the world.
  • When pregnant, take the time off to attend antenatal appointments. 
  • Medical check-ups ensure that everything is progressing normally.
  • Healthy eating is also important for childbearing women.

An important milestone in a couple’s life is Pregnancy, Labor and Birth of a child. Knowledge of your choices, regular medical check-ups and understanding of the unknown events during pregnancy can make childbirth a joyful and an extremely enriching event.


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Every year there are an estimated 200 million pregnancies in the world. For minimizing the risk of adverse outcomes; effective, affordable, and acceptable maternity care should begin early in pregnancy and continue at regular intervals.

Antenatal care is all about the care that you receive throughout your pregnancy and before birth. It is a planned examination and observation for the woman from conception till the birth.

As per Dr. NitikaSobti, Senior Gynecologist “Antenatal care supports and encourages a family’s healthy psychological adjustment to childbearing. A woman’s behavior and health in pregnancy affect her baby. There shouldn’t be an intake of poor diet, alcohol or smoking, and drugs. Therefore, it stands mandatory during pregnancy that you should not only take good care of your own health but also go for regular checkups with your doctor. This is usually termed as antenatal care and it is absolutely significant because it ensures that you and your baby are perfectly fit and well.”

The initial assessment interview can establish the trusting relationship between the healthcare provider and the pregnant woman, establishing rapport, getting information about the woman’s physical and psychological health and hence, obtaining a basis for anticipatory guidance for pregnancy .

This is done to prepare the women for labor, lactation and care of infant; hence, providing would-be mothers with a useful information {including exercise advice and healthy eating} ensuring healthy pregnancy. Moreover, recognizing complications of pregnancy and managing accordingly is also taught in the same.

Even if you are working, you can take the time off to attend antenatal appointments.


When to see your doctor?

Your doctor will plan a series of check-ups during pregnancy to ensure that everything is progressing normally. There will be monthly checks until about 28 weeks, fortnightly until 36, weekly thereafter. Your doctor will check your general well-being, blood pressure, growth and position of the baby.


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Morning sickness, breast changes and tangling sensation, abdominal enlargement, frequent urination & fatigue are among the basic signs of pregnancy. The size of the abdomen is inspected for height of the fundus, which determines the period of gestation. However, there are some situations that may require urgent consultation with your doctor in between the scheduled visits. These includevaginal bleeding including spotting and persistent abdominal pain.

“Healthy eating and good nutrition is important for women of childbearing age, preparing her body for the demands of pregnancy. Immediate and long term health risks can be avoided for both the pregnant woman and her baby, if a healthy diet is maintained before and during pregnancy” says Dr. NitikaSobti.

A healthy diet for pregnant women should be nutrient centric and requires more calories, iron, calcium and folate!


Emotional Diet completes Appetite

“The only thing that seems eternal and natural in motherhood is ambivalence” Jane Lazarre.


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“The mother-infant bond is one of the most intimate, powerful connections that exist, and it begins long before birth.” illustrates Dr. Nitika. “It is time to examine your life circumstances with your partner, job, and environment, all of life, time to learn how you can best support your baby’s development, and time to make your body in tune with your surroundings so that it can be a beautiful vessel in which to birth a new spirit. This is the time to bond deeply with your unborn child in special ways that speak to your heart and continue to care for your body in healthy ways and make that quiet palace of your womb a sacred home in which your baby will thrive and blossom.”

Research shows that maternal nutritional status during pregnancy plays significant role in predisposition to some diseases and determining fetal health, than genetic factors such as genetic predisposition to obesity. Excessive use of salt and caffeine should be avoided.


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