Hair are the cuts for this summer

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Aug 11, 2010

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Hair are the cuts for this summerClothes alone do not make you looking good.  Your hair cut speaks volumes about the style statement you make. It  gives a definite look to your face and complements your personality. Hair cuts are not just add-ons, but very essential parts of the style we project to the world.Although there is a variety of hair cuts to adorn your crowning glory, a layer cut is still in style. With layers your hair will look more natural and you will have many options with the look.




Some of the haircuts which are going to be 'in'  this summer are:


The Bob: The Bob hairstyle introduced in 2007, was  re-introduced  in 2008. While almost everyone resorts to the traditional bob cut, you can go in for a little experimenting that can earn you tons of compliments. Bob cut canf be done in a variety of ways such as fringed or fringeless, blonde or brunette, short at the back or the cut same all over. This works with all types of face shapes and while it can be a basic cut you can make the layers different for your own unique look. This can be really short or long depending on your preferred length for hair. With a longer Bob, you still can pull your hair back in a pony tail or style it differently.  This is one of the easiest styles of haircut that you can maintain. If your mornings are rushed you can quickly do your hair and  look great all day. If you get layers you can still have it look fuller even if you don't have thick hair.


The Fringe: Fringe hairstyle started in the beginning of 2007 and is still going steady. While it can give that elegant look, it can also stand to make a bold statement. Soft and wispy fringes, casual choppy edges and strong bold lines, all will be hot in the summer of 2009. You can vary the length of the fringe, making it either full length or up till the eye.The Crop: Cropped cuts are very 'in' this season. All you need is oodles of attitude to carry the hairstyle. Crops are holding their own this summer with short unregimented lengths, adding texture and bounce to this cut. While for some, the hair cut screams independence and boldness, the rest believe they look  young and funky. Paired with a graceful dress, cropped cuts can even denote elegance.


Layers is an easy cut to maintain and it can be done with long hair or short hair. With layers you can curl your hair or leave them straight.

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