Know About the Essential Hair Care Products for Healthy Hair

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Nov 23, 2013
Quick Bites

  • You need to follow a daily regimen for hair maintenance.
  • Oiling, shampooing and conditioning are three basic needs for healthy hair.
  • Choose hair care products according to the condition of your hair.
  • Your preference can be chemical or herbal based products.


Everytime we go to buy a hair product in the market, we find ourselves standing in font of the aisle gaping at row after row of products. Ones for curly hair, straight hair, fine hair, dry hair, oily hair, normal hair (does anyone actually have normal hair?). With so much to choose from, how does one pick the basic hair products to keep our tresses safe and healthy?

how to get healthy hairTo take good care of your hair, you need to follow a daily regimen for hair maintenance. There are many products available in the market and it is a difficult exercise to pick the “right” one for oneself. All hair care products in the market can be equally good or bad but what matters is the type of hair that you have and the specific problem you are dealing with. Choose products according to your comfort level and condition of your hair, by comfort level we mean your preference for chemical or herbal based products.


Hair Oils

Hair care regimen is about oiling, shampooing and conditioning your tresses. Products typical to various hair needs are manufactured by different companies. Hair oils generally are made of natural components like coconut, amla, or mustards. Any type of hair oil is usually safe for hair. But, it is recommended choose hair oil keeping in mind your hair needs. If you are fighting hair fall, mustard oil is advised, amla oil to promote hair growth and hot coconut oil for deep conditioning. Various non-greasy hair oil options are available in the market.



Many shampoos are available in the markets which can be chemical, medicinal and herbal in nature. Shampoos too are available according to hair types, hair problems and specific hair conditions. For example one can find a different shampoo particularly made for coloured hair, or for dry hair, or for damaged hair. Likewise, ample variety of shampoos help you fight dandruff, hair fall, or dry hair. Often one gets confused about which type to buy. You must know what your hair needs at the time- is it conditioning, health, growth or strength. Depending on it's needs, buy the type of shampoo from your favourite brand.


Hair conditioners

Hair conditioning is a vital hair care procedure where the hair is treated with moisture for easy maintenance and a healthy look. Again you have a choice of choosing between chemical based and herbal conditioners. Herbal conditioners have henna as an ingredient which is a natural hair conditioner. Then we step out, our hair is exposed to pollution, dirt and sunlight. These factors play foul and damage the hair. It is our responsibility to provide the hair the moisture and health it has lost. And conditioners aid in this process. One does not find time to naturally condition our hair with henna or eggs daily. The alternative is hair conditioner. It is as convenient and effective as its natural counterparts. Remember to condition your hair everytime you shampoo it.


You would also need to check the compatibility of a product with your hair for some products contain “strong” composition which can be harsh on your tresses. So, make a wise choice by choosing the product meant especially for your hair. In case, you observe any abnormality in the form of excessive hair fall and irritation, you should discontinue the use immediately.


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