Guide to Fasting for Kids

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Oct 02, 2011

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Guide to fasting for KidsFor some kids Navratri is only about tasty foods and garba evenings. However, it is important to teach kids that Navratri fasting has greater meaning than food and enjoyment. Fasting needs for kids are similar to that of adults who are fasting with the only difference that kid’s fast must be supervised by parents or guardians. Some people believe that fasting is not meant for kids and teenager while others hold contrary views. 


Guideline to Navratri fasting for Kids


  • If your kid is willing to fast then ask him/her to fast one or two days. Don’t encourage continues fasting for nine days. 
  • Make sure that your kid eats enough amounts of fruits during the day.
  • Don’t be strict on fasting. Make sure that your kid has at least one healthy meal and fluid intake throughout the day.
  • Try to limit physical activities of your kid.
  • During kid’s fast give him/her appropriate combinations of raw vegetables, fruits and other eatables that are allowed during fasting.
  • By every mean try to satisfy child's natural appetite and hunger. However this doesn’t mean that you push food in the unwilling kid.


Handling the fear of Navratri fasting

According to some parents fasting is never suitable for kids and therefore they must restrain from it. To the surprise of many experts are of view that certain amount of fasting is healthy for kids. In a study Dr, Sheldon noticed increased growth in children after fasting. Result of the study revealed that it is not underfeeding of fasting that must be feared instead over feeding that can be harmful.
Kid’s fasting is often seen as starvation. But there is difference between the two. You just have to make sure that your kid never water fasts and is given supply of healthy and fresh fruits.

The greatest obstacle to kid's fasting is not from child but from overly-concerned parents and relatives. Some people are of view that fasting can pose threat to growth of kid as they may end up in losing too much weight. According to Professor Morgulis, when properly done fasting can stimulate kid’s growth. But this doesn’t mean that fasting is healthy for every kid. If your kid is willing to do Navratri fast then make sure to consult your doctor to make the right decision.


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