What Is The Golden Hour For Stroke Patients? Read Its Significance and Tips

Golden hour is the time period when a stroke patient’s life can be saved with right immediate treatment.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Apr 04, 2022 15:35 IST
What Is The Golden Hour For Stroke Patients? Read Its Significance and Tips

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Did you know stroke is one of the leading causes of mortality and lifelong disability? Once you get a stroke, it may leave a long-term impact on your health and life. It is observed that incidents of stroke are rising exponentially in India which is alarming! According to data provided by the Indian Stroke Association, 1.8 million Indians suffer from stroke every year. The only way to save their lives and minimize the risk of long-term disability or death is by providing treatment within the golden hour. Sadly, most people do not know about this golden hour in stroke. To spread awareness regarding the same, we have curated this article to share about significance of golden hour for stroke treatment.

Stroke is a small word but it is highly impactful when it comes to overall and well-being. According to Dr. Srinivasa R, Lead Consultant- Neurology, Aster CMI Hospital, stroke is caused when blood vessels in the brain either rupture or get blocked. Due to this, blood supply is obstructed and your brain doesn’t get oxygen and essential nutrients to function normally. Since brain is the CPU of the body, its affected functioning can put your life at risk. This situation can make you disable and affect hearing, speaking, eating, moving and almost all vital processes! This is why timely stroke treatment during golden hour is very very crucial for the patient.

Golden Hour For Stroke

What Is The Golden Hour For Stroke Patients?

Golden hour is the term used for the life-saving time period wherein the chances of survival of stroke patient through immediate treatment is possible. If the patient receives medical aid withing the golden hour, he can survive the complications of stroke.

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Golden Hour For Stroke

For stroke, the golden hour period is four and a half hours right after experiencing symptoms of stroke. In the absence of this, one may suffer brain damage that might not be treated thereafter, in short, irreversible damage to the brain. Immediate medical attention, thus, is paramount.

Symptoms of stroke

This is not a problem having a specific set of symptoms that one may exhibit. One may confuse a normal pain with stroke and actual stroke symptom with a normal problem. This is why, doctors specify FAST method to identify stroke.

  • F-Facial drooping
  • A-Arm weakness
  • S-Speech difficulties
  • T-Time

If you see this set of symptoms, it is stroke. Time is the key to escape stroke and save your life. Just because people ignore these signs, they fall prey to brain stroke. This is why, stroke is also termed as silent killer. One needs to act immediately and find a good nearby hospital to get best treatment. Do not mistake visiting a general physician in such a case.

There are three types of stroke out of which Ischemic Stroke is the most common. 88% of the total stroke cases are of ischemic stroke. In this case, blood vessels blockage is identified that hinders oxygen supply to the brain. If not treated on time, this can cause rupturing of blood vessels that leads to stroke, causing hemorrhagic stroke. It is important to identify the type of stroke to receive right aid.

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Golden Hour For Stroke

How to handle a stroke?

Before seeking treatment, one must know how to handle the situation when you get a stroke or witness its visible symptoms. Besides, if you see someone getting a stroke, these tips can come handy for you a well:

  • Call for help- If you are suspecting stroke, call your family member for help. Then, call an ambulance to take you to the hospital. You can also consult a neurologist, if you have access to them.
  • Monitor symptoms- Notice the progression of symptoms.
  • Do not give any medicine- People give medicines to subside symptoms but this can be deadly in stroke cases. Drugs can worsen the problem by complicating the process and causing long-term complications like paralysis.

Stroke is a fatal condition. If you don’t want to lose your health and life to stroke, act on time. Immediately consult a doctor during the golden hour period to escape stroke complications.

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