Genes can alter the outcome of cancer treatment

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Sep 14, 2015

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A new research says that a person’s response to anti-cancer drug treatments largely depends on his or her genetic ancestry. The findings of the research suggest that a medicine may have different effects on people from different ethnicities.

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The study author, John Jack, research scientist at North Carolina State University in the US said, that their research, which is based on the cell lines of hundreds of people  suggests that genetic ancestry of a person is related strongly to his/her response to anticancer drug treatment.

The researchers had examined role of ethnicity in drug potency as well as efficacy for 28 chemotherapeutic compounds in a total of 589 patients. The patients had self reported their ethnicity as either Hispanic or non-Hispanic/Caucasian.

The Hispanic and Caucasian samples had exhibited unique results, which indicated a complex relationship between drug response, genome and treatment outcomes.

Several notable associations were found to be present for the drug temozolomide, which has been used to treat brain tumours. Some other drugs that suggest a possible association include mitomycin and etoposide.

Jack said, “The developing field of 'personalised' or 'precision medicine' will leverage these types of data to help inform a doctor's decision on selecting the optimal drug and dose for each patient”.

The study has been published in Pharmacogenomics.

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