Fear Of Getting Married Or Being In A Relationship? You Could Be A Victim Of Gamophobia

If you are afraid of any commitments or you run away from marriage, then you can have Gamophobia. Let us know its symptoms and remedies.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 19, 2020
Fear Of Getting Married Or Being In A Relationship? You Could Be A Victim Of Gamophobia

Gamophobia or the Fear of Commitment: Do you feel threatened by the idea of getting married or settling down with your partner? Do you experience hot flashes by asking a simple question about your wedding plans? You may have gamophobia. Yes, it is one of the forms of phobia known as the fear of commitment to marriage. Maybe you have not realized it yet (or whatever the reason), learn that it is entirely okay to feel these things, and with the right attitude, you can overcome the fear of commitment. How serious is it to live with the gamophobia? For this, you need to understand gamophobia fully. Let's know about this dangerous condition.


What is gamophobia?

  • Gamophobia is commonly known as the fear of commitment. But it is not just the fear of marriage, and it is the fear of graded responsibilities by the inability to maintain relationships to cope with psychological and physical symptoms. These symptoms can sometimes occur in extreme conditions, resulting in panic and anxiety attacks.
  • According to popular opinion, gamophobia is seen more in men than women. A belief arising from traditional orthodoxy is that men commit to fear of being "tied to one man" for commitment and living life, which is a threat to their masculinity. There are many reasons for gamophobia, including - personal insecurity, fear of giving up. There can be depression, self-destructive tendencies, etc. Let us show you some symptoms of gamophobia here.

Symptoms of gamophobia

  • Fear due to any idea of commitment
  • Inability to commit to any work
  • anxiety
  • Negative thoughts and flashbacks
  • Lose control
  • Aggression
  • Pain in chest
  • Nausea
  • Slight flare or fainting
  • Trouble breathing
  • Repetitive behaviour

Treatment of gamophobia: It is a fear of the moment and, like other mental disorders, gamophobia can also be treated with treatment and therapy. Let's know-how?


Advice: the least intensive form of therapy

It is used to help people open up and overcome their experiences, fears and feelings. This is extremely important for those who have experienced trauma or adverse conditions.

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Behavioural therapy

The central concept of this type of therapy is replacing a negative attitude with a positive attitude. It is a time-consuming medical practice, as it involves changing any undesirable behaviour or pattern seen in the person. This unconventional treatment is ideal for people with gamophobia.


In some cases of people with gamophobia, physicians recommend certain types of medication. Gamophobia is easy to manage because it is a social disorder. Apart from therapy and aggressive forms of surgery, one can always reach out to others or do some introspection.

  • Hypnotherapy: It is less popular but is ideal for those who suppress their memories and deny an underlying problem.
  • Brain behavioural therapy: Cognitive behavioural therapy is also called a form of psychotherapy that is used to enhance happiness by modifying the mind's emotions, behaviours, and thoughts. Its use is most useful for people with gamophobia.

The above article is based on a conversation with Dr Binita Priyambada, Senior Consultant, Medical Team (DocPrime.com). She has sixteen years of extensive experience in General Surgery and Family Medicine and dual specialization in the medical field.

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