Foods that are good for your teeth

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Nov 20, 2017
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  • Fiber rich foods keep teeth clean
  • Raw fruits can increase salivation
  • Calcium rich food should be on your list

Contrary to popular conception, proper care of teeth involves a lot more than just brushing and flossing. It’s your diet that can make or break your teeth, quite literally.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that form a film of plaque on the teeth. if not brushed away, the bacteria present inside plaque feed on sugar and starch and produce an acid that tends to erodes away the tooth enamel, making it prone to decay and cavity.

Apart from sugary, starchy and food acidic in nature, any kind of sticky, retentive food also does immense damage to your teeth. Hence healthy food becomes a prerequisite for healthy teeth and gums. A diet rich in nutrients, fibers and fluoride is important to fight tooth decay.

Including the following in your diet can help you keep several dental problems at bay:-

Fiber rich food

Food with high roughage content not only massages the gums, cleans your teeth but also increases salivation, something that neutralizes acids and alkalis within the mouth. Raw fruits, salad should become an important part of your diet. However, citrus fruits due to their acidic nature tend to harm teeth, hence properly rinse your mouth right after you have them to prevent acid from attacking your teeth.

Sprouted beans and lentils are an excellent option as they are not only highly nutritious but also have high fiber content.

Food that needs chewing

This will not only exercise your gums but is also important for proper cleansing of teeth. Whole grains, and other food products with high roughage content fall in this category.

Calcium rich food

Calcium and phosphorus are the two most important nutrients for your teeth.  So, having plenty of milk, milk products like curd, cheese etc should be high on your list.


Most nuts are rich in nutrients like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Plenty of water

This is an effective way of rinsing your mouth and washing away the leftover food debris and acid from your mouth.

Apart from these changes in your diet, you must remember that certain food items are detrimental to your dental health and must be avoided or taken with necessary precaution. For instance, every time your teeth are exposed to sugary and acidic food products, your teeth suffer. Longer the duration of exposure and higher the frequency, the more is the danger.

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