Flu Vaccine that Melts in Mouth

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Oct 26, 2012

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Flu Vaccine that melts in mouthScientists have now developed a way of administering vaccines and no, it is not something that will have tears rolling out of your eyes. The next time you take your child for vaccination, if the doctor places something under his/her tongue, do not be afraid. The new vaccine administering method comprises the placement of a soluble film under the tongue, which gets directly delivered to the bloodstream.


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The oral vaccine technique was found after scientists discovered that they could use favourable bacteria to administer different types of vaccine such as tuberculosis and flu.

Simon Cutting of the Royal Holloway, University of London said that doctor scan administer a variety of vaccine either an oral capsule or liquid or a nasal spray instead of injections. Alternatively, the vaccines can also be administered through a soluble film. Cutting also said that the oral vaccine is better because it is not painful and safer especially in places where HIV is widely prevalent.


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