Five Fears Expectant Dads Face

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Jul 08, 2011

To-be fathers have a fair share of anxiety and fear when it comes to their partner’s pregnancy. This happens precisely due to the wide range of possibilities that this new world would offer. Planning a child is not the same as a five year future plan where every expected development and setback is monitored to a certain extent. Here are five fears that expectant dads face:


Fear of Economic Security

 The capacity to raise a child according to the basic comfort levels followed by society does get complicated once the child is born and starts to grow. Dads often self-introspect and question their abilities as to whether they will be able to provide for the child and the family comfortably or not. In some families, this gets more difficult if it is a single parent caring for the family and its daily needs.


The fear of Labour and Delivery

Men, in general, are either worried or are afraid of getting queasy or passing out while the baby is being delivered. This is because several body fluids are secreted during this time and this is not a pleasant experience for most expectant dads. At such occasions, stepping out of the room for a brief while or facing the air conditioner occasionally helps. Otherwise, watching a few videos on the internet can help to-be fathers in preparing in advance.


The Fear of Added Responsibility


This is often known as the paternity fears where the father often doubts his own potential to become a father at a given age. This is why many men are not able to react warmly to the fact when their wives disclose their pregnancy results. At times, even a lot of planning can cause disconnect in the fathers that either make them dwell on their inadequacies or make them think about the wishes that might have remained unfulfilled in their lives.

Fear for the Wives’ or Baby’s Health

Pregnancy and delivery can become the most trying times for dads where even the smallest of the setbacks can cause a stillbirth, ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages.


The Fear of Change of Status in Relationship

Most men fear their wives shifting their total attention to the baby. This is a situation where the most sensitive clasp gets affected, i.e., intimacy. A new born baby can often cause strains in a relationship and an expectant dad would treat this to be the most potential fear causing isolation.


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