Fitness At The Age Of 81: Here’s How Milind Soman’s Mom Shows Major Fitness Goals, Diet Can Make A Difference

Who says only young people can be in fitness? Major fitness goals set by Milind Soman’s mother is an inspiration

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Apr 06, 2020Updated at: Apr 06, 2020
Fitness At The Age Of 81: Here’s How Milind Soman’s Mom Shows Major Fitness Goals, Diet Can Make A Difference

There are often myths and misconceptions when it comes to strength and fitness levels in people. The younger you are, the fitter you may be than those of an older age. There may be a chance that the younger person may have better stamina, but that does not make anyone older less fit. In this case, the Iron Man Milind Soman’s mother is a classic example of how age and fitness are not associated with each other in any sense. In times when the WHO and Ministry Of Health are stressing enough on the need of extra care for older adults, Usha Soman is setting major fitness goals for many. While the whole world is grappling under the stress of coronavirus, Milind Soman’s mother shows us how fitness and stamina sees no age. Milind Soman, on his social media handles, shared how his mother is making the most of this lockdown phase without actually giving up on the need of exercising. The video has Usha Soman exercising with Ankita Konwar at their rooftop.

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Fitness Runs In Their Genes

Actor Milind Soman himself is above 50 and is counted among the fittest actors from Bollywood. At the same time, his wife Ankita Konwar is also a fitness but now, look at 81-year-old Milind Soman’s mother, Usha, it is known that no one can compete with her. Recently Milind shared a video of her mother’s working out, preferably in a much fun manner, with Ankita Konwar. The footage could see Usha and Ankita hopping on one leg on their rooftop, showing one and all how age does not make anyone weaker or less fit. Milind’s caption said, “28 and 81! be fit in every age ... my girls’. This workout video of Usha Soman is getting tremendous reactions and makes it clear what makes Milind so fit and active always.

Immunity Makes A Difference

Let us tell you that this is not the first time Usha Soman has made headlines with her love for fitness. Earlier, she has even appeared in certain marathons with her son, making it apparent what makes Milind this active. In times like these, when the whole world is taking extra precautions, people must understand that a stronger immunity helps make a significant difference. More than anything, eating right, following a proper schedule and exercising at every age makes a person fitter than anyone else.

  • Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket explains the type of immunity-boosting foods, which can help keep any person fit and going during such sensitive times when the whole world is reeling under the danger of a health pandemic. She says to stock up these foods to get your immunity system kicking: 
  • The ACE’s: Vitamin A, C and E are great antioxidants that can boost the immunity and build on those warrior cells too. Those battling with immunity issues, especially those of older ages, should have lots of amla, oranges, berries, cherries and tomatoes. 
  • Probiotics: The gastro constitutes a major 40 per cent of our health, and hence, gut immunity makes a whole lot of difference. Take a lot of fermented foods like dhokla, idli and curd. One can also have a probiotic drink on a daily basis. 


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  • Lemons For Drink: Vitamin C is a must to keep safe from cold and cough, so do not forget to add a dash of lemon in your drink and your dishes like lentils, salads, etc. 
  • Do Not Forget Zinc: Just a micro quantity is fine but is required to fight bacteria. So stock up on poultry, nuts and seeds and a handful of nuts is a must every day. 
  • Herbs Are A Must: Anything natural like ginger, turmeric, peppercorns are sure to boost your meal’s taste, but they are also great immunity boosters. So spice up your meals and your life by making these herbs a must in your meals. 

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