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Mar 29, 2016
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  • White discharge is normal in women.
  •  Vagina excretes about 4ml of white discharge daily.
  •  Change in texture indicates ovulation.
  • Unusual vaginal discharge is linked to diseases.

Vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence which is produced to maintain the health of vagina. It is known to carry all the infectious agents and dead cells from vagina. Besides, it also carries the dirt out from the vagina which helps in retaining good health of vagina.


white discharge

Normal vaginal discharge

In most of the cases, vaginal discharge is normal. The amount, texture and smell of discharge vary at different stages of menstrual cycle. At the time of ovulation the white discharge in women is a bit thicker with increased amount. This eventually helps to carry the sperm smoothly till the genital tracts and helps in conception.


Some women experience dull white discharge before their period starts while others experience the discharge after their period which may be brown or black This is the discharge of retained old blood in uterus.

Women who are feeding their child also experience more discharge with smell under influence of hormone prolactin. In case of sexual arousal the amount and texture of white discharge from vagina increases drastically to ensure pleasure intercourse. These changes in vaginal discharge are influenced by sex hormones.

The smell of white discharge from vagina is different in pregnant women. It is mandatory to maintain vaginal hygiene during pregnancy as in case of absence of proper vaginal hygiene womenbecome more prone to uterine tract infections which may harm baby.


Unusual white discharge

The abnormal white discharge from vagina indicates some kind of infection or induction of any internal disease.

Yeast infection

The most common yeast infection is categorized by thick white cheesy discharge from vagina. This may result in pain and swelling in vulva region and in severe cases it causes intense itching and pain during sexual intercourse.


Bacterial infection

Bacterial infection in vulva region results in white discharge with fishy smell. This leads to itching and burning in vulva or vagina along with swelling. It is suggested to visit your gynecologist as soon as possible if you suspect of having theseinfections as ignorance may lead to severe consequences with vaginal health.



This is vaginal disease characterized by white cloudy or yellow discharge from vagina. The disease outbreak results in urine incontinence problem, bleeding between periods and pain in pelvic area.



Bloody white or brown discharge between periods could be a result of irregular periods in many women but sometimes this may be an indication of cervical or endometrial cancer. The human papilloma virus infection (HPV) in cervix causes discharge from vagina and leads to cancer with some strains of this virus.



If a womanis experiencing pale white discharge with foul smell she may have an infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Studies reveal that many women facing infertility issue have latent tuberculosis in the uterus and fallopian tubes hindering the conception process.


So ladies, if you are facing any kind of unusual discharge from vagina do not ignore it and visit your gynecologist as earliest as possible.


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