Facebook makes Moving-On Difficult

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May 13, 2013

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Facebook makes Moving on Difficult

You may have an easy option to delete your ex from your facebook account or block him/her, but the proliferation of the social networking has made forgetting after a break-up a bigger chore. A study finds that more and more people have been keeping huge collections of digital possessions.

There has been little exploration of the negative role of digital possessions when people want to forget aspects of their lives. Digital possessions include photos, messages, music and video stored across multiple devices such as computers, tablets, phones and cameras are often evocative and upsetting, leading to distinct disposal strategies.

In interviews with 24 young people within the age group 19 to34, researchers found that 12 of the subjects deleted all digital possesi0ons, 8 kept it and 4 were selective disposers. The pervasiveness is the reason for not been able to move on, as people 'inhabit' their digital space where photos and music constantly remind them about their prior relationship.

A healthy relationship promotes a rich digital life. But when it sours, people have to systematically cull collections across multiple digital spaces. Disposal is made more difficult today because digital possessions are in vast collections spread across multiple devices, applications, web-services, and platforms.



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