Eye Freckles Can Be An Initial Symptom Of Eye-Related Disorders

Eye freckles could be the initial symptoms of eye-related disorders. Know everything about eye freckles

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Jan 20, 2020 17:41 IST
Eye Freckles Can Be An Initial Symptom Of Eye-Related Disorders

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Whenever we think about eye-related problems, mostly it is some vision impairment that comes to our minds. Any other mark in the eye is often taken as a birthmark or something, which would fade away soon. Eye freckle or development of a spot in your iris can be a matter of grave concern, too. People often tend to dis-consider the importance of health signs on the body, similar cases of eyespots have been reported by the doctors where the patients took this issue very lightly, and they had very little time spent worrying over it. Though these spots can be small birthmarks for few people, for the others they can be cancerous, too.


There are types of spots, external and internal. These eyespots are called a nevus, which in literal terms, mean mole. Nevus is the moles on the eye. The three types of nevus are:

  • Conjunctival nevus: On the eye surface
  • Iris nevus: Happens in the pupil area
  • Choroidal nevus: Under your retina (in back of your eye)

The usually seen eye freckles on the surface of your eyes are pigmented melanocytes. These cells may spread or may not spread according to the type of problem the person is experiencing.

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Why are eye freckles caused?


Eye freckles are still quite a mystery among doctors. The reason for their emergence is not known, as an evidential fact. As people have them as birthmarks and a couple of them develop it later in their life, it becomes very difficult for doctors to come to a firm conclusion. In between these controversies, a few of the reasons are expected to be behind the emergence of these spots.

  • Melanin content in the body: It is usually seen that people with lighter skin tones tend to develop this more commonly as compared to the people with darker skin tones. As the only difference between these two cases is that people with lighter skin tone have less melanin in their bodies, the amount of melanin could be a reason.
  • Sun exposure: According to a report, the time spent in the sun could be the reason for developing these spots in the eyes. People who spend more time in the sun tend to develop these spots more. Sun rays can be mutating in nature. Sun radiates harmful rays that can change the cell activity ratio.

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It is always good if one realises the fact that seeing a doctor ASAP in the case of eye freckle is advisable. Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body. After knowing this, it becomes important to take care of your eyes. Down below are a few eye care tips.

Eye care tips:


  • Wear sunglasses when your eyes are in direct exposure to the sun.
  • Keep your hands clean. We often touch our eyes with bare hands and contaminate the most sensitive part of our body with germs. Hence, washing hands before making them in contact with the eyes are always advisable.
  • Take optimum sleep: Sleeping is not only essential for your body, but your eyes also need it too. People who have a regular sleep-wake cycle have healthier eyes as compared to the people who sleep very less.

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