Easy and quick ways to prevent knee degeneration

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Jul 22, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Knee degeneration progresses with time.
  • Knee degeneration cannot be cured.
  • Healthy lifestyle can prevent the condition.
  • Relaxation techniques can help ward away pain.

Whether it is ageing, high intensity sports or a high impact injury, the reason for degeneration of knees can vary, but the painful symptoms it brings along remain the same throughout. Among all the pain-causing symptoms, morning stiffness is the most common one. It refers to pain and stiffness that one feels right after waking up in the morning and lasts for around 30 minutes or less.

Knee degeneration prevention

Progression of knee degeneration

Over time, joint degeneration progresses leading to worsening of its signs and symptoms. Although there are several risk factors such as age, gender and heredity that play a role in development of the condition, there is no cure for it.

Preventing joint degeneration

Though you cannot eradicate the problem from its roots, there are few preventive measures that can help you keep pain at bay and let you remain mobile for most part of your life. Here are some of them.

Weight control

There are countless benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight, preventing joint degeneration being one of them. Once you start piling on extra weight on your body, the joints begin to get strained. It is the knee joints that have to carry body's weight, causing them to wear out soon.

Knee degeneration prevention

Indulge in more physical activities

Although, high intensity workouts can have disastrous impact directly on your joints, no exercise can cause muscle on the front of the thigh to weaken. Balanced amount of exercise plays a vital role in keeping joints healthy and preventing symptoms of joint degeneration.

Supply your body with nutrients

Research shows that glucosamine supplements can effectively relieve pain and stiffness caused by joint degeneration. Nutritional supplements when combined with right lifestyle changes, such as balanced diet and exercise, can work wonders on your joints.


Stress in any amount is not healthy for your body. If your schedule does not allow you to ward away stress, try relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. These techniques not only reduce stress, but they also improve overall health.

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