Does Lifestyle-Induced Myopia Cause Vision Impairment? Explains Ophthalmologist Hemant Todkar

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Dr Hemant Todkar shares the reason why the number of urban patients with nearsightedness, is increasing rapidly.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Nov 04, 2020 13:27 IST
Does Lifestyle-Induced Myopia Cause Vision Impairment? Explains Ophthalmologist Hemant Todkar

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Myopia causes visual impairment: Do you know that nearsightedness is a subject of public health and well-being concern? Do you know that myopia can lead to severe vision problems? Yes, it's true, and in comparison to the rural population, urban people are more inclined to nearsightedness or myopia due to factors like increased usage of electronic gadgets, anatomical issues, and industrialization. Do you know that myopia is disadvantageous? Nearsightedness raises the chance of severe complications such as glaucoma, cataract, myopic macular degeneration, and retinal detachment is a preeminent cause of blindness and visual impairment across many countries. How can this problem be corrected? This issue can be fixed by limiting the use of mobile phones. With the help of lifestyle changes, like exercising and staying physically fit and also to maintain a good vision. a regular eye examination will help you a lot.

What is myopia or nearsightedness?

Do you know why myopia is also known as nearsightedness? In this condition, one can see objects near to him or her, but, the items located far away will appear blurry. In other cases, one could also confront this issue when the shape of one’s eye causes light rays to bend inaccurately and to concentrate on pictures in the front of the retina and not on your retina. But do you know that this common problem has become worrisome for people living in metropolitan cities?

Dr Hemant Todkar, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Pune, “Myopia or High negative number can set in urban people due to the industrialization, the curvature of the cornea, family history, constant exposure to electronic gadgets,  lack of a proper exercise regimen, due to doing near vision work and greater time spent indoors. Even kids can experience this condition by not doing any extra-curricular activities and owing to online classes and school during the lockdown. Around four out of one hundred get nearsightedness or myopia due to anatomical reasons, while twelve out of one hundred people have lifestyle-induced myopia.”

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Myopia or nearsightedness symptoms

Adults having myopia or nearsightedness show signs such as headaches, difficulty in seeing objects during night time and blurry vision, while, children may rub their eyes frequently or continuously blink. Myopia or nearsightedness can invite complications such as cataracts, glaucoma and retinal detachment if not tackled at the right time and might affect one’s quality of life. Myopia signs may involve:

Vision Impairment

  • The need to partially close or squint the eyelids to see clearly.
  • Eyestrain caused by headaches.
  • Difficulty in viewing especially at night, while driving a vehicle. (symptoms of night myopia).


“Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help correct nearsightedness or myopia. Children and adults should control screen time. Do exercises such as walking, running, or even jogging. Exercising outdoors and looking towards the sky can be useful as distance vision will reduce myopia and cause relaxation of the accommodation. Choose proper lenses or eyeglasses and go for regular eye check-ups. Also, depending on the seriousness of the problem, refractive surgery will be advised” concluded Dr Todkar.

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