Salon During The Times Of COVID-19: Basic Precautions To Exercise To Stay Safe & Virus-Free

With certain relaxations comes the news of reopening of salons across cities. But is it safe to go? Know more on this

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jun 03, 2020 19:07 IST
Salon During The Times Of COVID-19: Basic Precautions To Exercise To Stay Safe & Virus-Free

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The time has come when the lockdown is becoming more relaxed. Now termed as Unlocked, this phase will see the opening of almost every service, which was earlier shut due to safety concerns. What makes most of us elated is the news of opening up on salons and beauty centres across cities. However, despite the happiness of finally shaving, shaping of eyebrows, waxing and many more, there are still dangers looming large on whether going to a salon is safe or not? The salons reopening during the coronavirus pandemic phase does not signify the virus has gone. The need of the hour is to take self-precautions and ensure that various checkpoints of hygiene and cleanliness are followed wherever you go.


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So before you all throw caution up in the air, know how risky is it go to a salon:

Risks, Salons & COVID-19

1# Contact With Person-To-Person: We know the virus spreads in seconds from person to person. In such situations going to a salon for any beauty, treatment means coming close to human contact. The spread happens due to the respiratory droplets an infected person produces, which is easy to get transferred while colouring someone’s hair, cutting styling or evening while doing other beauty treatments. Also, what makes it all sneakier is that most cases now are asymptomatic, which means the infected person may not display any symptoms of COVID-19, making it even more dangerous for those coming in contact with asymptomatic patients. But, also if someone is asymptomatic, the virus transmission can happen to lead to visible symptoms in those with compromised immunity.

2# Shared Surfaces: What adds to the scare is the transmission through shared surfaces. We all know how COVID-19 transmission can quickly happen due to commonly shared surfaces. Hence, it is essential to know whether surfaces in the salon you are visiting are cleaned, keeping in mind all the crucial factors of disinfection. Hence, make sure that salon, chairs, tools like the scissors, etc. are disinfected after each person leaves the salon so that what you get is a virus-free environment.

3# Same Air Supply: Coronavirus transmission happens due to respiratory droplets that can travel in the air. Hence, when in any salon, we should know that we will be in a shared environment and a shared air supply even with strangers. Hence, there are chances for infectious droplets to travel in the air, if there is aby chance any COVID-19 positive person, unknown of the disease. Ensure that you are not in the salon for more than 30 mins and only go for essential services right now, as the cases are still rampant. And, do not even think of removing your face mask for anything.

Some care tips to follow:

Tips To Minimise Risk At Salons

1# Always Wear A Mask: Although compulsory by law, a lot of people tend to remove their mask from their face. But, a mask is the only weapon, which can help you be safe from the virus droplets. A mask is essential as you will have to come in close contact with the stylist at the salon.


2# Sanitise Your Hands: The first thing that you should do after entering the salon is to sanitise your hands as even you could be the one bringing in the deadly virus in the salon. Ensure that the salon person is wearing a mask and you wear one too, as this means you won’t be touching any surface directly. Also, do not forget to discard those gloves before leaving the salon and also do not touch your face with those gloves.

3# Avoid Add On Services: Now is not the time to look pretty and get everything done, looking over the aspect of safety. Hence, avoid getting services like facials, etc as anything coming closer to the mucous membrane of the eyes makes one more prone to COVID-19 virus.


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4# Change Clothes After Coming Back Home: Do not remain in the same clothes. Change your clothes after you are back home, the first thing. Best is to wear zippers and removable clothes, which you can remove before entering your home. Think about the lower in the same fashion as it is just a necessary precaution, but you never know the virus may be anywhere.

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