DIY Home Remedies To Soothe Dry Skin

Aloe vera, avocado face mask, and coconut oil sugar scrub are some DIY home remedies you can use on your dry skin to moisturise it.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: Feb 26, 2023 13:30 IST
DIY Home Remedies To Soothe Dry Skin

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Do you know that your skin naturally produces oil (sebum) to protect it from moisture loss? Oils can help people without acne regain their skin's lustre and moisture barrier. But everybody's skin is different, and some people can have more dry skin than others. Here are some do-it-yourself (DIY) home remedies to get rid of dry skin.

Use Aloe Vera On Dry & Irritated Skin

Using aloe vera is very easy. You can use it as a paste or a facewash to eliminate dry and irritated skin. Aloe vera gel, though frequently associated with treating sunburns, can also be helpful in the dry winter months. It reduces the redness and irritation brought on by excessive dryness and can even lessen the appearance of wrinkles, acne, and skin damage.

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Use Avocado As Face Mask

Another all-natural method to moisturise dry skin is an avocado DIY mask. Abundant in antioxidants and probiotics helps make skin healthy and radiant. For anti-inflammatory effects and to alleviate the signs of inflammatory skin problems like eczema, you may mix avocado with plain Greek yoghurt, a drizzle of manuka honey, and one teaspoon of turmeric. After cleaning the skin with the combination, wait five to 10 minutes before washing it off.

Milk Compresses for Irritated Skin

Along with anti-inflammatory qualities, milk contains lactic acid, which is a mild natural exfoliator that can be used to get rid of irritated skin. Apply a chilled bowl of milk to a clean cloth (such as a washcloth or towel) and hold it over any dry areas to create a milk compress. Applying these compresses to your skin at intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. It is highly beneficial for itchy and irritated skin.

Scrub With Coconut Oil & Sugar Mix

Consider a gentle homemade sugar scrub to treat dead skin cells that give your skin a dry texture and appearance. You can also add an essential oil like lavender, which adds a fresh scent and could help you relax and feel less anxious. For up to 30 seconds, gently massage the scrub into your skin before rinsing it off with warm water. Remember that not all skin types may respond well to this form of physical or mechanical exfoliation. Avoid scrubs if you have sensitive, irritated, or acne-prone skin.

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Use Honey as a Spot Treatment

Apply honey in small quantities on your face for optimal benefits. Please keep it for some time before you rinse it off. Several minutes should pass before you rinse it off. Your skin might become softer and retain more moisture because of honey's emollient and humectant properties. Additionally, it is a complementary therapy for several skin problems like dermatitis, psoriasis, and dandruff. Honey maintains the afflicted area's moisture, has a thick consistency that is a barrier against infection and is naturally antibacterial. Due to these qualities, honey is an excellent basis for face mask recipes and a potent spot treatment for dry, irritated skin areas.

These home remedies will help with you moisturising your skin, giving it a glow. However, it is important to consider a dermatologist to know more about your skin condition and treatments.

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