Disgusting things couples do to each other

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Nov 26, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Compatibility and comfort zone aren't the same.
  • What one partner is comfortable with may annoy the other.
  • Maintain mutual understanding of likes and dislikes.
  •  Focus on likes and avoid dislikes of your partner.

Couples are supposed to feel comfortable with each other and in this pursuit they end up doing downright disgusting things that can be repulsive to outsiders. Here is a checklist of things most couples would have done in their relationships.

Disgusting things couple do to each other


Popping pimples

Whether it is in bed or outside at a dinner, couples end up polishing each other’s appearance to leave no room for embarrassment. That includes popping pimples for each other.


Describing some ugly details

Some people don’t mind talking about something that is way too personal. You wouldn’t dare describe your urinary tract infection or talk about pimples on the butt to a friend. But, well couples couldn’t care less about being judged while discussing such matters with their partner.


Picking nose

You may already hate to catch someone picking their nose in front of you. But, couples take it to whole new level of leisurely indulgence. They wouldn’t mind picking their nose in front of each other as if they are excavating hidden treasure.


Cheating on your partner

Cheating has become so common these days that very often a person starts hooking with someone while the current relationship is still far from over. You cannot do anything more disgusting than this to your partner. If you are so eager to get into another relationship, at least have the minimal courtesy and responsibility to wait until the current relationship is officially over.


Insulting the mother-in-law

It's common and not at all a crime find it hard to connect with the mother-in-law. But, some people feel no difficulty in judging or even abusing their mother-in-law in front of their partner. No matter how much you hate the family of your partner, keep it to yourself if you can't express it in pleasant words.



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