Diabetes Pill may Extend Lifespan

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Aug 01, 2013

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diabetes pills to extend life

A new study has revealed a drug that could be used to delay the effects of ageing and extend lifespan, the experiment was done on a mice and it was a success.

Lower doses of metformin increased lifespan in middle-aged male mice by about 5 per cent and it in fact also delayed the onset of age associated diseases. It was seen that higher dose of metformin was toxic and it reduced the lifespan of mice.

BBC News recorded Rafael de Cabo of the National Institute of Ageing in Baltimore, Marlyland, US saying that calorie restriction in laboratory animals had been shown to increase their lifespan. Previous work had also shown that metformin could actually extend the lifespan of simple organism such as worms, but the studies in flies and mammals have given conflicting evidence. Metformin is one of the most widely prescribed treatments for type 2 diabetes and occurs mainly to people above the age of 40.

De Cabo also said, “Metformin is one of the most widely prescribed treatments for type-2 diabetes, which occurs mainly in people above the age of 40. Further studies are needed to determine if metformin has any effect on human health and lifespan.”

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